Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Ann and Barney - a letter from meme

Dear Ann and Barney,
I want to tell you how much we enjoyed you all and especialy Rowan. Frank said "boy I like her."
That says the way we felt after you left.

Frank told me also the conversation about selling your condo and eventually moving to the Lebanon area where Ann comes from.
I think the Lord is directing you in that direction. You Barney have a good trade now. You will find work there. I beleive there is a job waiting for Ann there. And Rowan will make it any place, with that personality.

Rowan kept popping into my mind for the two days after she left. I love that little girl. You can't help it! See how she was willing to help get the table set, trip after trip, that means she is going to be a good worker. She knew she was working not playing, intelligent too!
Frank likes the drive to Dartmouth area for my chochlar. So we will visit you there.
Alli n all it was an enjoybale visit and informative one. Once Frank relayed whaqt I did not hear.

I'm happy for you both for the plan, and i'm sure Ann's parents are also.

Think spring and God keep you all save until then.

We love you,
Frank and Meme