Friday, February 20, 2009

Bio Diesel and Burger King

Bio Diesel is going to make the world fat.

My father in law makes bio diesel. Kudos to him because the science and the know how that goes into making it are absolutely incredible. His garage has been taken over by contraptions, tubing, nozzles and weird round spinning drums.

He runs his vehicles off of it and even heats his home after he purchased an alternative fuel furnace. (Don't even ask how much that cost)

He also has a diesel generator.

Basically, as far as gas and fuel go.. he is "off the grid". And I think its awesome.

He makes his fuel by collecting used fry oil from around the area. Back in the day when I ran a restaurant, we paid a company to come take our used oil away. Now the tables have turned. If its not free to have it hauled off, then someone else is paying you for it.

My FIL has a pretty competitive ring of business's he collects from. He started early before everyone else started making it. And I doubt they do it on the scale that he does... (roughly 200 gallons at a time).

His garage now smells like Burger King.. with Dunkin Donuts undertones.

The scent wafts through the air when you visit his house... its the oil that spills on the driveway at times... and completely cakes the floor of his garage... when you walk into the garage, your feet slide and stick.

I was behind a bio diesel car the other day on the highway. I knew because it had one of those fancy boastful stickers..."this car runs on bio-diesel"

But before I even saw the sticker.. I knew because I smelled Burger King... and I immediately started to salivate and wanted a burger instead of my slim fast shake.