Sunday, June 28, 2009


I haven't posted pics of the keets in a bit, actually we've moved on to calling them hens now because they've gotten all thier feathers in.
We moved them outside last weekend into the nice chicken coop that Grandpa and Daddoo built for them.

They're happy and living it up and even taking small flights around the coop.

Once they get a bit bigger, we'll start letting them out... I just want them to be able to evade and defend themselves against the bird murderer... errrr cat lol

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everyone's got a fish story

And today Rowan earned hers. :)

Gramps bought her a small fishing pole as soon as we moved home, and she's been practicing and practicing so she could go fishing with him. Last week he came home with a tiny little tackle box for her and she was super duper excited.

Finally today we went fishing at a little stream up the road and miss Rowan caught herself a big Rainbow Trout.... she'll devour it tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer... hello, are you there? Are you listening? Good, Where the F%$& IS THE SUN????

I'm so so very sick of the clouds and the rain! Honestly, I think its making everyone depressed. I try to bring Rowan outside as much as possible between rain sprinkles.... just to get the fresh air into our lungs.

On the bright side, the rain as been super fantabulous for my garden...

We also recently moved the baby keets outside.. in thier new coop and they're doing fantastic... They've begun to test out thier wings and make short little flights around thier outdoor pen.

Miss Rowan is still enjoying having a big yard and her grandparents around.... now if we could just get some sun so we could clean out and try out the pool!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An adventure in history

Today my hubs and dad ripped out our old staircase and built new less steep stairs. My daughter had a dickens of a time getting up the old ones, so it was definitely needed.

While ripping down some old horse hair plaster they found a bunch of receipts dated 1929!!! They were given to a Charlie Martin from the G.L Barney General Merchandise store... I find that sort of thing fascinating.

We headed over to the town library and checked out the Grafton History book, and sure enough we found information about the receipts.

There was indeed a Charlie Martin that owned this house... and the corner store on our road was once named Barney's Store.

It was so neat to find all that in a book, and to find receipts stuffed in our old walls.... call me a dork, but it made my day lol

Sally 1, Sally 2, and Sally 3

We've got a lot of ticks up here in the north country.... in fact the other night I went to check on my sleeping angel and found a tick on her temple... Arghhhh! We're constantly finding them on us and it drives me nuts, I hate those stupid ugly bugs!

So as a way to keep the tick population down without spraying chemicals all over the place, we opted for the green route and bought ourselves some cute little Guinea Hens!

They're a free ranging, territorial type of hen that stays close to home, roosts in the trees, and eats nothing but bugs and mostly TICKS!!!

Of course right now they're only 2 weeks old, but as soon as thier feathers come in, we'll be letting them loose to commit some tick murder!

Unfortunatly right now, they're big chickens.... oh wait......

(ps. Rowan named them Sally 1, Sally 2, Sally 3)

Fun outside, Gardening, and living the country life

Friday, June 5, 2009

Well its over.....

We've officially moved!

We packed up our condo last Friday, (one week ago today) and are now living in the Upper Valley of NH about 45 mins from the Vermont border... back home......

It's been a quiet week as we all adjust to the changes in our lives.

Rowan has asked to go home a few times, but she's starting to really enjoy having the large yard to play in, and I think once the pool is cleaned out, she'll be a happy camper.

Every night Grampa brings her a small bag of popcorn to eat as a snack when he gets home from work, and then we build a fire pit and eat dinner cooked outside.

During the days Rowan and I water the vegetable garden we planted, go for walks and look at the bugs and occasional garden snake that slithers by.

I can't get over how dominated the landscape here is by the mountains. They tower over us in every direction you look.... green and quiet over head. The other day we were driving home from Tilton, it was a breezy mostly sunny day, and as I came up and over a large hill, you could see the shadows of the of the small puffy white clouds dotted over the sloping mountains ahead of us.... it was amazingly beautiful.

And so we settle in... Barney is getting used to his 3 hour commute..... he says he likes the quiet time..... we are sleeping very well here.

I'm sure partly because its so quiet and peacful and partly because finally the ordeal of losing our house is over... and we can start over again.... and be a family without the stress of all that has happened.....