Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday parties!

Rowan has 3 birthday parties in a row to attend, the first being this past saturday for her best friend Lily.

It was a great party, complete with a pool, a traveling zoo show, and a bouncy house!

We had a great time, made even more fun since my two buddies Ryan and Elissa were there :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She's going the distance

Sunday, I had a 10 mile run on my half marathon training plan. It was to be my 2nd 10 mile run. This time around I found an energy strategy that really worked for me. 1 Caprisun Fruit Juice pouch before the run, followed by GU energy gels every 45 mins.

I felt so great, that I just kept going after the 10..... right on to the full 13.1!!!

The last 2 miles were brutal... and when I finished, I collapsed on some one's front lawn and I cried....

I cried for the months on end I've been training, the the 65 lbs I have lost, and the person I left behind in the dust that couldn't even climb the stairs.

I did it! I ran a half marathon!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

And thats about the point where I was stampeded by goats

A few weekends ago Mr. Boyle went of to a weekend of drunken camping with his Electrician buddies, so Little Miss and I, headed off to the Seacoast area to visit with my Bestie and her daughter who is the same age as Rowan.

We had a fun sleep over where the girls put on dress up clothes and way to much makeup followed by a day at the zoo.

I could not wait to take Rowan on this trip. Now that she's 4, she is soooo into animals and other fun things. She was super psyched to see an elephant and hopefully a kangaroo or two.

There were so many wonderful creatures to see, and at one point while in an enclosure where you could go feed goats, I was completely stampeded by a group of hungry mama goats nearly knocking me down. Oh well, I lived. The baby goats were adorable.... and they would not STOP trying to suckle on the edges of my summer dress. It made me want to take one home and name it something cute like Henry, or Herb, and walk it around on a leash.. adorableness!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Friday - what do you love about yourself?

These are my feet. I can't really say enough about these lovely beauties.

For one, there's that kick-azz Henna inspired tattoo I've got there, designed by yours truly.

Second, how could you not love those awesome flip flop tan lines?

Third and most important, these bad boys are my life line to the road. The road I run on.... for miles and miles.

The feet that have propelled me for all those miles, helping me lose 60 pounds, that are getting me through half marathon training, and the ones that help me chase around my beautiful red headed daughter.

These bad boys are definitly my favorite thing about myself.... for all of the amazing things they've done for me.