Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corn Maze 2010

I love corn mazes!! They're just so much fun to me. Oh and I guess the kiddos love them too!

It's become a bit of a fall tradition for us to visit the Coppal House Farm in Lee NH in order to partake in thier yearly maze, and it was wonderful not to have to drive a few hours to get there this year, haha

All of Rowan's old friends met up with us and then we all journeyed back to our place to carve pumpkins together.

The kids had so much fun playing in the backyard and with Rowan's toys however, that we never got to the pumpkins.

Its ok though, because we definitely got to the laughs!

Children's Museum Day Trip

I was very excited when my BFF added Rowan to her family membership at the Children's Museum in Dover.... so on our first rainy day here in the new place, we headed over!

What a great way to kill a few hours!

Settled in

Its been a few weeks now and we've settled right into our new place. I have started a new part time job that I am loving, Mr. Boyle is enjoying his new 12 min commute, and being along as a family is wonderful!

We've dove right into the local activities we used to enjoy so much!

And since I now have "real" internet, please enjoy all the photos!!!

Playing in her new backyard

Wagon Hill with our friends

We're off to see the wizard.....

I love wagon hill.... it's just so amazingly beautiful!

We are cuteness!

Picking out our pumpkin at the Barrington pumpkin barn