Monday, May 31, 2010

My little piggy

This made my skin crawl, but she had fun, and sometimes that's all that matters.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Friday: Black and White

Miss Calliope assigned a black and white challenge this week, which I adore because B&W is my fave!!! Even when I paint, I like to paint B&W, in order to try to capture a mood with the image, and not with the colors.. now that's a challenge!

Anyhow, I took this photo a week or so ago while letterboxing in a conservation forest. This was called the pine tree pavilion... these trees were farmed and the straight rows they were in were borderline creepy, but you know, in a good way. They reminded me of the gravestones in a Veteran's cemetery.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Fitness

My hubs actually ran a 5k with me this weekend!

He doesn't get into running quite like I do, but he's definitely trying to get back in shape lately. He alternates using our elliptical, with mountain biking and then occasionally throws in a run when he feels up to.

Turning 30 has been tough on him. He's feeling his age, and his ability to inhale food without ever worrying about what it does to his body has definitely gone out the window.

He's put on about 20 or so pounds in the last year and he HATES it! He doesn't feel healthy and he walks around sighing and looking at his slightly bulkier belly in the mirror like I used to look at my rear end.

I have to admit that it rather amuses me to see the tables turning. He ho hums about being "fat"(which he is NOT) and I'm out there running a gazillion miles feeling fit and fabulous.

For the last 4 years it has been the other way around.

I empathize for him though. He's not comfortable in his skin anymore and that's a feeling I understand all to well.

I encourage him as best I can to get in the exercise as much as possible, and I give him the raised eyebrow stare down when he picks up a bag of chips at the grocery store.

I've recently started watching my calories a bit closer in order to boost my weight loss for the half marathon training I'll be starting soon, so cooking him a satisfying gourmet and LIGHT meal has become an obsession of mine. He's been enjoying it for sure and I don't think he even realizes that I'm feeding him healthy foods. I'm sly like that haha.

Either way, I'm proud of him for running with me. I know its not easy when you first start a work out routine and most days your more discouraged than you are motivated.

So Kudos to the hubs!!! Here's to getting our sexy back. :)

His older sister also ran with us.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In Cahoots

Somedays I feel as though I have two children.

I guess, I sort of do.

I have one 4 year old girl... and one 8 month old Golden Retreiver.

And when those two get together, it very seldomly amounts to good.

Case in point.

(he dug the hole, she supplied the water)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer breezes and DQ snacks

Today we hooked up with my Friend Kat for a little playground playtime as well as some very unsuccessful letter boxing.

But that's ok, because the day ended with DQ ice cream... and that makes everything wonderful.

"Not" finding our letterbox...

She'd been sniffing dandelions...

Katrina and Aiden enjoying yummy ice cream snacks!

Very happy little girl.