Monday, September 29, 2008

Another amazing fall afternoon... in pictures

This afternoon was like every other afternoon... we walked around the neighborhood in search of adventure. Of course everything is an adventure when viewed through the eyes of a 2 year old. Today was particulary fun because we found a frog... woo hoo!

Magic Kingdom

Fall Foliage again...

This is my drive to and from Rowan's school.... so pretty!

Ooops.... motherly blunders

So this past Friday was my Dad's birthday. We were supposed to visit him but he hates his birthday and asked we not come.. ahh well.. Anyhow, I had Rowan make this adorable poster/birthday card for him out of my scrapbooking stuff and some pictures I cut out of her. She spent alot of time carefully using the glue stick I gave her to arrange all the little shapes just right for Grampa.

I had her hold it up to photograph her with it, and send the picture to my dad. Many of the little shapes fell off so we reglued them and laid it flat to dry.

The next day I picked it up to move it and hang it up and still shapes fell off. It wasn't until last evening when I took the glue stick once again to readhere the shapes when I realized it was not a glue stick at all... but instead an SPF 50 Babyface sunblock stick.

Oh my... enough said.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"I want to see horsies mama"

Today Rowan woke and announced she wanted to see Horsies. Ever since the pony ride last weekend at the fair that is all she has talked about.

So we took her down to UNH. Barney actually works for UNH as an electrician so he knew right where the horse barns were.

As luck would have it, it happened to be UNH horse team qualifying trials.. aka... a horse show! There were tons of people there doing a XC race as well as jumps etc.

Rowan was in 7th heaven! We took her through the barns so show her all the different horses and also watched the jumping trials.

Barney is hesitant about her liking horses. He feels they are useless and all you can do is ride them around. HAHAHA, yeah so what do you do with a race car that's any different??? hmmmm hypocrite much? haha

Anyhow, I grew up around horses as a dear friend of mine rode. I traveled with her often to the different shows she competed in and I helped out around her farm for most of my life. I loved it and I regret not learning how to ride better and having it become a true hobby. Ahhh well.. never to old right?

So I would love for Rowan to really get into horses.... there are plenty of riding schools in the area and I think its a great learning experience and a wholesome hobby for a child. So here's hoping, all though quite honestly, I think she's already hooked haha we're in trouble!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Rainy Day Adventure

As you New Englanders know(I say this like I have a huge blog following, but alas, I do not) its a terribly rainy day today. Its going to be rainy all weekend actually. So we decided to go on a little drive up north and spend a few hours at Funspot with Rowan. Funspot is basically a ginormous arcade with a bowling alley.

Rowan had fun although at first she was a bit intimidated by all the noise. After a while though she warmed up and played quite a few games including skeet ball which we wound up playing for so long that I'm having a hard time lifting my arm up right now hahahaha.

After Funspot we drove over to Hart's Turkey Farm for a yummy turkey lunch... Dang I love that place. The drive was really the best part as the fall foliage is starting to come out and its gorgeous!

Friday, September 26, 2008

That's Amore!

When I was in my early 20's I managed a small yet very successful and busy pizza place on a college campus. It was some crazy hella fun times... and now, I toss a mean pizza as you can very well imagine.

We used to get takeout from the greek pizza place around the corner but with the price of gas and respectfully cheese its gotten obsurdley expensive.

So now, I buy some whole wheat dough every friday while grocery shopping and I make my own pizza. I have a pizza pan that I actually took home from the pizza place I managed. We'd just bought all new pans when I was there and were throwing the old ones away. So I snagged one.

Anyhow, my mad skills are still there and damn it if I'm not totally impressed with myself hahahaha

Silly Myspace Survey

If you married the person you last texted, what would your last name be?

Boyle... well that's easy

What did you do today?
ooh lets see.. it was so uber exciting.... dropped Rowan off at school.... then headed to hannafords to do my grocery shopping. I cleaned my house, made a pizza for dinner later.. homemade pizza mmm, then I watched 27 dresses and cried my eyes out.. damn chick flicks. Now i'm watching A Haunting.. and scaring the piss out of myself

Do you know a secret about your last ex that would embarrass them?
of course...

What is one fact about the last person who called you?
It was Ryan, but I was going pee so I didn't answer lol

hmm a fact about her... She is a blond?? ok that is so unoriginal but i'm not very creative today

Last time you were on the phone?
this morning

Ever been to the Statue of Liberty?

Voting for Obama?
well if I did vote i'd vote for him

How many e-mail addresses do you have?
2 that I use.. probalby 2 others that i don't

Do you have a brother?
nope well, unless you count jen.. she is a bit bullish hehehe sorry jen

Do you know how to change a diaper?
oh heavens yes... thankfully she's potty trained now though... phew!

What color is your car?
Electric blue

What pills do you take daily?

What's the best part about being single?
hmmm i hate being single... i went from the first husband to the 2nd hahaha

What did you do last Saturday night?
i dont' really remember haha so sad

What does your last incoming text message say and from who?
it was from boo... and he said... "i'll take care of you, if your nice to me" I won't tell you what we were talking about hahaha

Who was the last person that helped you stop crying?
Ryan... she's good like that... she gave me her ring... her "feel better ring" loves

What do you really think happened to Steve on Blues Clues?
ummmm he ummm damn it i don't know! lets talk about the yellow wiggle instead, i'm very curious as to where he went

Did you hate your school?
no..i hate most of the kids in it though hahaha they were so mean to me... cry cry cry.. ok ok i get it..stop whining about what happened 11 years ago hahaha

Are you afraid of falling in love?
nope, i fell hard, but it was a nice cushy landing :)

Is there someone that popped in your mind after that question?
boo bear of course

If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
if it was one thing, i wouldnt' have dropped out of UNH, i'd have finished.. but that means i never would have met boo at Franklin Pierce.. so i guess things do happen for a reason.

What did you wear today?
oh shame... i'm in my pj's lol its rainy outside, dont' judge

Ever had plastic surgery?
yes I had my ass enlarged.. doesn't it look amazingly huge? I know, I love it!

Last person to lay on your bed?
rowan crawled into bed with me around 4:30 after boo got out

Would you ever share a girl/boyfriend with your best friend?
HAHA despite her begging for it, no....

What are you about to do right now?
Nada.. nada and more nada

Do you want to grow old with someone or be single?
I would like to grow old.. he'll be bitching about the sponge in the sink and i'll be telling him to stop obsessing haha

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
trying to convince Rowan that it was ok for me to leave her at school... as she clung to me and cried

What was something that happened to you in 1998?
I met my ex husband... i think we met in 98.... or maybe it was 97.. damn I don't know

Where do you keep your money?
in a coin purse that I store up my ass Pulp fiction style bitch asses

Are you typically a jealous person?

Is looking good important?
it is and is not... it depends ont he day

Do you chew on your straws?

What does the kind of person you're usually attracted to look like?
Husky.. shorter... smaller of build..scrappy... usually in the construction business... oh wait, did I just describe my husband? yup....

Miss someone?
boo and rowan as always

Do you believe in true love?

How many times do you talk on the phone a day on average?
once or twice

Do you usually have weird dreams?

Have you ever been to NYC?

What color is your keyboard?
silver (laptop)

Have you ever been on an airplane?

How has this past week been for you?
alright... boring

Last person of the opposite sex to give you a hug?
Boo bear
Do you hate that person?
of course not... would i huge them if I hated them?

Is the last person you held hands with attractive?
why yes he is...

When was the last time something bothered you?
everyday since i was laid off

Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Are you the type that would rather stay at other peoples houses or have them at yours?
stay at mine

I'll bet you're missing someone right now?
ummmm repeat much?

When was your last encounter with the police?
haha never

Is there anyone that you care more about than yourself?
of course.. boo and rowan for one

Fall color change

And by color change I mean my hair. I dye my hair often, as I have quite a bit of grey... which sucks ass when your still in your 20's, (granted maybe only for another 2 months). Anyhow, I usually go darker in the fall from a copper strawberry blond to more of a deep copper or sometimes a deep auburn.

Anyhow I thought I'd go out on a limb and try a brown with a red tone to it. I picked out a lovely shade called Medium Spice. Brown with considerable red understones... but you know, a medium brown no less.

check out box here

Anyhow, this is what I wound up.... shit me if I'm not just a dark brunette...

Big Girl... all by herself!

We bought this little tricycle for Rowan back in April for her Bday with high hopes that she'd be bombing around on it all summer. Ahhhh but alas... since our tiny petite, bairly 24 lbs, pip squeek of a child is also short, she could not reach the peddles to use it!

However, she recently went through a growth spurt, growing to a whopping 34 1/2 inches... that's a 1 1/2 inch change!

So she can FINALLY use her tricycle all by hersef, and damn it... its fricken cute!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Do you know how frustrating it is to be unemployed? it sucks. And I am truly unemployed.. I know many women that do the stay at home thing, but alas, i'm not even doing that. Being a stay at home mom, is a job. I bring my munchkin to preschool everyday at 8 am and then return home to an empty immaculate house... to do... Nothing.

I feel at this point I am nothing... well that's not very nice to say.... I'm nothing for the 7 hours a day that I'm home alone.. without child.. whit out hubby. Then they get home and things are normal... supper to cook, baths to give, books to read. But for 7 hours a day...I am here by myself. At first it rocked.... I hadn't been alone in probably, well, 2 1/2 years. See the significance there?

(ooh revelation.. perhaps I'm not nothing, perhaps I'm just me... someone I don't get to visit often because I have a toddler)

Now I'm in my 4th week of home aloneness and its getting a bit old. Let me tell you about my day. Dropped Rowan off at school.. Drove home wondering if I'd have enough gas to get me through the week... 1/8 of a tank. Oh yeah, plenty. I own a honda after all and I drive a whopping 10 miles a day to drop her off and come home. My car gets 30+ miles pers gallon. Since I am not working, nothing to worry about there, no commute right??? grrrrrr

I get home... grab all the laundry upstairs.... fill the dish washer, and then proceed to read a fellow blogger's blog, start to was like being sucked into a fantastic romance novel. I couldn't' stop. ( check it.

Then I cleaned some more, ate some lunch, way to many pieces of home made baklava.. emailed a few friends.. watched some tv... surfed a job board and now here I am blogging.

That's it. My day... like every other day.

Did I mention that before being laid off, I was a systems analyst? I spent my days being a project manager working on projects that could make or break the success of entire states within the huge corporation I worked for. I was sort of a big deal.

Ok maybe that's an exaggeration, but I certainly had a very important role, and I had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. Yesterday my most important task was to pick up new boot shoe laces for my husband at Kmart.... woo hoo.

Is it to much to ask for a job? Just one.... there are lots out there, and I just want one little ole job. Something to do monday through friday so that when saturday and sunday get here, I can look forward to the time off....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leaves are a changing!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Lesson in pronounciation

This should probably be illegal. Sorry for the sideways video.. I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate it. If anyone knows any tricks, let me know.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A conversation between daddy and Rowan

Setting the Scene: Rowan is in the bathroom, door locked, singing Twinkle Twinkle... she is pooping.

Door opens slowly, and she stands with pants around her ankles with a small grin and a look of guilt (normal I just went poo look)

Barney asks, "are you done?"

Rowan "Yup"

Barney walks to her, and peeks into the tiny potty on the floor... "Whoa!!! That's disgusting. You got the scoots?"

Rowan... "Scoots???"

Barney "yeah, the scoots like daddy... daddy's tummy is sour too.".

Rowan to mama.. "MAMA!!! I GOT THE SCOOTS!!!!"

Thank you honey.. i'm sure she'll be telling her teacher tomorrow at school that she has the scoots..... oy.

Apple Picking

Barney really wanted to go Apple Picking today so we headed over to Butternut Farm again. Rowan was in a super sensitive mood this morning and cried about EVERYTHING! Her pants were tight, her socks felt weird, she didnt' want to wear her sneakers, she didn't want a coat, etc etc...

But once we finally got her out of the door after all of that drama, she had a great time.

The Macs and Honeycrisps were in season so that's what we picked. We've got two pecks full so I guess I'll be making apple crisp or something haha.

And another slide show for your viewing enjoyment :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to the Fair

We headed over the Rochester Fair again tonight, and this time Daddy came along. They have a circus that starts at 5pm and we wanted to bring Rowan. At first she was terrified because it was very loud but once the show started, she was amazed. She loves live shows... we've been to plays and other types of venues and she'll sit through the entire show mouth agape.

The best part of the entire night was that Rowan wanted to Ride the ponies!!! She's been afraid of horses ever since she saw one.. albeit still obsessed with them from afar. She loves watching horse pulls... (we watched some tonight too) and she loves seeing horses at farms etc. But she's never been brave enough to touch one or ride one. Tonight she BEGGED to go on a ride. I reluctantly gave the guy my 4 bucks thinking I'd sit her on the dang pony and she'd be freaked out and then beg to get off. But alas, she stayed on and she LOVED it! She even picked out her favorite pony to ride, a white one with brownish spots. After the ride was over, she patted the ponies head and said, "thank you horsie".

I tried to get a good pick but it was hard because I was holding on to her for safety and she was clinging to me haha.

On our way out, she also got to ride the merry go round with daddy.. she was afraid to get on the plastic horse herself (go figure) so daddy climbed on with her.. he's such a good daddy :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Boobie Drama

So tonight the tables were turned, and Rowan was pretending to be a baby. (I'm sure you see where i'm going with this). She wanted me of feed her her sippy cup of milk.. which I did. Then she looked at me with head to the side, and said "Feed me boobie mama?"

Uhhh.. no... lol

So I took a moment to explain breastfeeding. Aunty Shawna has milk in her boobies because she has a new baby. But after the baby grows up the milk goes away. Soooo Mommy doesn't have milk in her boobies anymore which is why Rowan drinks Cow milk.

She said.."cow milk mama?" and I said yes, that we buy milk at the store and it comes from a cow.

At that she was satisfied thank goodness. I had no idea that such complex questions would be asked by a 2 1/2 year old. Thankfully she's still young enough to accept simple explanations without to much further questioning.


My fashion model

This morning I asked Rowan to pose pretty for me so I could take a picture of her cute pig tails lol

she did.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy and Rowan

I don't take many pics of Rowan and I. Again, I'm always behind the camera. And quite frankly, after having lost 135 lbs in 2001, and then gaining a bunch back having a baby, I'm quite perturbed about how fat my face looks haha

Here are a few pics of us though... I swear she's not a clone.

Rochester Fair

Today I kept Rowan home from school (her first skip!) and we headed over to the Rochester Fair. Its funny, I've lived in Rochester for 3 years now, and I also lived her for a year once with my ex husband, and never have I been to the Rochester Fair. Instead I drive an hour away to the Topsfield Fair. In all fairness, the Topsfield Fair is way better than Rochester, but you can't beat something that's only 2 minutes down the road! Plus it was only 9 bucks, and Rowan was free. Sweet!

We had a ton of fun. Rowan loves animals... at first she was afraid of them all. But after my sister in law and mother in law headed home, and way after her nap time, she was tired enough to let go of the fear and really check them all out. She particulary enjoyed the cows and also watching a sheep get its hoofs clipped. (she's odd, what can I say?)

I just put her down for the night, early at 6:30 because she didnt' have a nap at all day and boy was she cranky about it.

We also watched the Ox pulling. Rowan was very upset at all the men for hitting the ox's with thier switches to get them running. She hasn't stopped talking about the man hitting the cow all day. I think if she could have gotten out into the ring, she'd have given those men a good talking too!

Other than that, we had some shaved ice and of course fried dough.. Ahh I love fairs!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Funny things toddlers say

Rowan is constantly saying funny things.. as most toddlers do. I thought it'd be fun to do a post all about her funny things...

1. Last night Rowan was on the deck blowing bubbles as Daddy grilled up his chicken wings. I walked past the deck door, and watched her. She turned around to see me.... made a straight brow scowl... and sternly said "MAMA... SIT CHAIR... NOW!!!"
And then she laughed uncontrollably.. as did I... Barney told her not to talk to mama like that... and all I could think was... why not?? I talk to her like that hahahaha

2. This morning while driving to work I was talking to my close girlfriend Ryan about how my ex husband was polish and had a rather large penis.. (doesn't everyone talk about that stuff?) From the back of the car I here Rowan's little child voice chime in..."Penis". awesome....

3. While driving by a group of kids the other day that were waiting for the school bus at the end of our cul-de-sac, Rowan yelled out "MY HOUSE!!!! BAD KIDS". Apparently they are not allowed to live there too.

4. My sister in law recently had a baby girl... she's about 1 month old right now and her name is Molly. Rowan is obsessed with baby Molly and loves to hold her. Whenever someone else walks by and tries to ask if they can hold Molly... or have a turn... Rowan yells.. "MY MOLLY!!!"

5. Speaking of Molly.... my sister in law breastfeeds.. Rowan is very interested right now in boobies. She likes to check out mama's... daddy's, and her own. She puts my bras on etc etc. Last night we were laying in my bed after her bath giving daddy alone time downstairs... because he's studying for his electrical licensing exam. She was naked of course, which is how she prefers to be every night after bath time, and before bed. I was rubbing her belly... and then I started poking her ribs. I said.. "Rowan, do you know what these hard things are?" Thinking I could give her a little lesson on bones...I try often to find learning opportunities in all that we do. She jumps right in without hesitation. "my boobies mama."

6. Further on the breastfeeding subject, Rowan loves to watch Aunty Shawna breastfeed. Which means I had to explain to her where milk comes from and how baby Molly eats. NO biggy.. she gets it.
While pretending to play Rowan's baby at home the other day (a common game for us)... Rowan got me a blanky and a pillow... rubbed my back.. told me to shhhhhhh and sang me a song. Then she said "milk mama??" I usually say yes and she'll bring me her sippy cup. This time however she said.. "booby" and lifted up her shirt. Ugggh.. lol

7. A few weeks ago we went to a local apple orchard. Rowan got to check out the horses which at the time, she was very afraid of and we could only look from afar. The other day on the way home from school, Rowan started to recount our visit to the farm. She said "Shawna??? horses?" Meaning, can we go see the horses with Shawna again? and I said.. yes, do you like the horses Rowan??? I thought you were afraid of them." and she retorted "no mama... No afaid.. horses nice... soft, I pet... I like it!"


8. I love to ask rowan to say Chalk... because she has a hard time with the CH sound so it comes out like C and she also can't say the L sound right now.. so it just gets skipped... can you figure out what word she says?? And can you imagine what it must have been like for me the first time she asked to play with chalk? and how long it took me to figure out what she really wanted?

That's all I can think of for now... although it seems everyday there is something funny coming out of her mouth.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Reunion

My cousin Jeanie hosted a family reunion today at her house in Goffstown. It was a gorgeous day, and we had a great time. Its always fun to see family! Wait until you see the pics of my cousin Emma and Rowan together.. they're hair is identical.

Holy Shit face I didn't see that coming.....

Thank you Monster's Inc. for your sincere efforts in teaching kids that Monsters are nice. Because tonight, after putting my tiny 2 1/2 year old to bed, I had to run back up stairs to crying. Upon opening the door, a whispering shaking toddler took my hand, and dragged me to her bed... she crouched down, bringing me with her... and whispered in gently in my ear..."Monsteee under my bed mama."

Yeah... um... holy shit, I was totally not prepared for that moment. I hadn't contemplated what so ever what I should do or how I should approach it. Should I go on to explain that monsters are nice, like Elmo.... and Sully? Or should I tell her that monsters are fake? pretend??? Should I offer up to have daddy kill it??

Not thinking properly as I was really quite taken by surprise, I called up Super Hero Daddy, who, like a trusty night riding in on his steed.... stormed the room with a tiny fake pink plastic broom... and slayed the Monsteee to save his princess Rowan.

After the bumping around, grunts and slams were over, she was sufficiently satisfied enough to re-enter the room and go back to bed.... "daddy kill the monstee mama??" "yes rowan... monster is dead now"

I then talked to her while tucking her in... and decided to throw out all my approaches... Monsters are nice rowan... like Elmo..... and they're pretend... But that one is dead... so time for night night.. Love you.. see you in the morning.

phew... Maybe I should start formulating my sex talk now??? Or my heaven talk, since I did just tell her the monster was dead.. tomorrow she'll probably want to know what that is.... crap

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing God

Ok so this morning on the way home from dropping Rowan off at school I was listening to the radio. The Dj's were discussing a news story about a group of scientists in Sweden that are going to colide some atoms or something and recreate the big bang. Does anyone else feel like this is a bit freaken nuts?

Going to far maybe??? somethings are better left to God.... things we shouldn't screw around with.

Oh and another scientist was referenced as stating that if things go wrong, they could create a black hole that would eat the earth.... rock on... I pray for these scientists to have a change of heart... Lord help us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I hate the pic up there of me.. but I don't have many of all three of us since i'm usually behind the camera... here is my sexy self. :)

No Night night!!!!

That's what Rowan says every night as soon as she sees me walking out of the kitchen with her sippy cup of milk. Even if she hates the idea of going to bed, she caves and up we go for story time. Although it switches back and forth between my hubby and I, usually one of us reads the story, and the other will sit with her for a few mintues after lights out and sing a song for her. Right now daddy is on book duty and i'm on "twinkle twinkle star" duty :)
Its the same ritual every night... one more tiny window into another part of my very full day. :)

Interview updates

I had a great interview this afternoon.. I got alot of "that's a fantastic question...." and the 2nd person even said "I don't have to many questions for you, your resume speaks for itself."

Sweet.. here's hoping.


I've bought my first couple of Christmas presents for Rowan... to stash away and hide..... Yikes! lol

Rowan's Development at 29-30 Months - Window into my world

Your 29- to 30-month-old

Two-year-olds come with plenty of parenting challenges. Sharing is tough, while whining seems to come naturally. But as frustrating as your 2-year-old can be, man, does he crack you up.

Share? No way!
Your 2-year-old now: Tussles over a toy happen often when two preschoolers are at play. They can be fiercely protective of their possessions, and sharing is a skill that won't come naturally to your child for another year or two. In the meantime, help him learn: • Model sharing and use the word "share": "Would you like to share my cookie?" more

Dealing with rigidity
"Again! Again!" The Teletubbies have this mantra for a reason: A hallmark of this age is repetition. Your little one may want to eat the same things again and again, wear the same clothes day after day, or do things in the exact same order. Remember that he's trying to make sense of the world, and keeping certain things unvarying is his way of exercising a little more

Let's get verbal
What can a 2-year-old remember? More and more every day! He's developing a way of thinking called spatial representation or symbolic thinking. Basically it means he can see things in his mind's eye. As experience and habit create new connections in his brain, he becomes better able to call up these captured images: what a lost teddy looks like, the way to Grandma's house, more

Have you noticed a new sound in the house — an annoying, grating sound coming from your child's mouth? Whining is to a semiverbal 2-year-old what crying is to a nonverbal baby — it's a way of expressing frustration and impatience. Often preschoolers don't even realize they're whining. That's just how their emotions come out. Whining can quickly escalate into an irritating habit, more

Why regression happens
If only all development happened in a straight line! For all your child's progress, she'll slide a bit backward every now and then. For example, someone who's been sleeping soundly through the night (finally!) for months begins popping up in your bed at 3 a.m. A pacifier is dug up and latched on to. Or a child who was potty-trained early suddenly has a rash of more

Naked planet
Your preschooler has an incredible eye and ear for details. Because he's learning about so many new things and experiences, he's attuned to sounds, colors, relative sizes, and movements that you probably tune out. Don't be surprised to hear him referring to "the clock that ticks" or "the mailman's blue hat." more

Comedy, preschooler style
Some of the things preschoolers say are quite charming and unintentionally funny. They often blend two words to come up with a creative new one: prettyful, wonderfulous. They also mishear, mispronounce, and misremember words, inadvertently creating new ones that sometimes stick around a family for years: "ungabrella" for "umbrella" or "tummy button." more

It's you, mommy!
You'll soon be noticing some changes in those scribbles. When a toddler first learns to make a mark on paper (around 12 to 15 months), it's all he can do to grasp the crayon — he used his whole fist to hang onto it. He progresses to being able to make straight lines and random squiggles, with most of the motion coming from his more

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall afternoons...

I love playing outside with Rowan..although she dilly dally's a lot... and she gets awfully ticked off at you when you rush her. The last few nights we went out and enjoyed the nice cool air after school. Its so nice to go outside without sweating your tata's off.

Our typical routine is to go around the cul-de-sac... we stop off first at a neighbors house where Rowan says hi to her "fwiends"... we play there for a while and then continue around the circle where we stop at the end of the units at the playground. Rowan swings on the baby swing, then the big girl swing and finishes off climbing up into the tower and going down the slide.

After we convince her its time to leave the playground, which is always tough, we end up at a sewer drain. Yes you heard me right. She loves this sewer drain and will drop rocks into it for an hour if we let her. She particularly likes it after the rains, because the storm pipe is spewing water and then she gets to put the rocks in the pipe and watch them fly out with the rushing rapids and then into the drain. So much fun!

Afterwards we almost always end up back in front of our condo, playing with a ball or coloring with chalk. Its the same thing every night, but I always love it... because its our simple little life, and its amazing!

The fall is my all time favorite time of year. I always full it up with fun adventures like pumpkin picking, hay rides, corn mazes, apple picking and fairs.

I can't wait for it all to be here!

Job updates

I have my 2nd interview at the Hospital on Thursday as well as an interview tomorrow at another insurance company. Today I also got a call from an area Dental insurance company for an interview next week... :) Still praying for the hospital job though :) Wish me luck!

On another note, i'm sooooo loving being home. No Rowan, No Boo, just me... and quiteness... it pretty much rocks.

I made a coat, and I'm damn proud