Monday, September 1, 2008

News, appreciations, and Rants

First, I just had to take the time to write about my favorite time of day. Every weekend morning, we take the gate down in Rowan's door sometime in the middle of the night so that come morning, she can wake up and toddle on into our room. She usually wakes up by complaining all her milk is gone.

After getting a refill, she drags her pillow, her pink blankie, her baby doll and her baby dolls bubba into our room where she snuggles down in between my husband and I... asking for the bops. (doodle bops).

So we turn on the Disney channel and while she watches cartoons and snuggles with us, we get an extra hour of broken sleep... I'll take it, broken or not.
Eventually after kicks, a few elbow jabs and maybe even some eyelash pulling, she'll coerce the two of us to wake up.

And we'll lay in bed for another 1/2 hour or so, just snuggling and being a family.

These are the moments I want to remember on my death bed... they're the most precious moments I have in my day. No rushing, no cleaning, just laying around and being together. It doesn't happen often when your a busy family... so when it does happen, I inhale it greedily.

Second, my mother talked to me last night via IM, and she wants to bring Rowan and I to Disney. She had been planning a big trip out west to visit my Uncle but plans were changed on her unexpectedly. She has a large sum of money saved up and as she put it, SHE NEEDS A VACATION!
She couldn't think of a better thing to do than to spend time with her daughter and grand daughter.

I of course would never pass up an opportunity to do something free! And I had also been trying to convince my hubby to go to Disney, however he is dead set against it. He thinks she's to young, its to expensive... the list goes on and on. He can't help it, he's a Virgo and they only think with their minds. I however think with my heart, never with my head hahaha so thankfully we at least balance each other out. On the flip side of that though, he continuously bursts my happy little bubbles of improbabilities haha

Anyhow, My mom wanted him to come also, but he had a list of reasons he could not. I really think he's just anti Disney all together...It may be because that's where he spent his honeymoon with his ex wife, the bloodsucking leach whore bag that broke his heart and ruined his young early 20's life. So yeah, bad memories??

Anyhow, the three of us are going in early October, pending there be no major hurricanes on the way. My mom has a cousin that lives about an hour from Disney and we're thinking we'll be staying with her to save money. And then we'll rent a car and just drive to the parks. It'll probably just be 4 days, 3 nights. I don't know how well Rowan would handle being away from home to long, plus I've never spent more than a night away from my hubby in the 5 1/2 years we've been together and I'm a bit nervous about it. I know I'm going to miss him horribly. He on the other hand is excited. He takes his electrical licensing exam in mid October and this will give him 4 days alone to study... something that rarely happens when you have a 2 year old. Anyhow, I'm super excited!

Third, and this is just a funny something I had to share. I live in a condo.. which means I've got neighbors literally 2 feet away on either side of me. We've got assigned parking in front of our units of course which is nice. To the left side of me, I have a young kid that lives there. He's in his early 20's... and I can't tell you how many girls come in and out of that place.. on one day, there had been 4 there during different times of the day... yikes!

Anyhow, he's finally started dating someone steadily. She is there constantly....

She's one of those tiny little girls, with the amazing bodies, perfect red long wavy hair, big boobs, and cellulite free legs... you know? The kind you hate as you walking around with your post baby body?

She's fairly nice though, and she says hi to Rowan when ever she sees us outside... She's still just a kid though, and they drive me nuts!

Yesterday afternoon, she pulled into her parking spot completely crooked with the nose of her truck half over the line into my spot.... GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr park straight stupid perfectly shaped bitch.

I had plenty of room to park more to the right and be far from her vehicle, but I chose not to. Instead I parked squarely in my spot only inches from her door. So she could not get into her truck even if she wanted too... well yeah she could but she'd have to crawl through the passenger side.

An hour later when she came out to head to work, that's exactly what she had to do.. She walked out and stood in front of the two cars staring at them for a few minutes, you could see the visible sigh she exhaled.

Its not like she could blame it on me, I merely parked in my spot, had she not been a douche bag about her parking, there would have been no issue.

When she got back from work, she parked squarely and perfectly in her spot....

ahhh.. I won.


Monica LeMoine said...

I like that you take the time to consciously appreciate those fave times of day! I think we tend to just live 'em and forget about them so quickly, never pausing to think, this is a great moment and I'm a lucky person. Tonight, I'm going to sit on the deck with my main man and my puppy dog, drink white zinfandel and listen to the birds. A favorite moment.