Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hampton Beach

I convinced my phobia ridden "crowd hating" hubby to go to Hampton Beach today. It's almost the end of summer and we hadn't yet taken Rowan to a real beach. Quite frankly I felt as though I was being a bad parent!

So we packed her up with all her beach toys, and in her teeny weeny Gap bikini, and off we went. We arrived around 9 am... which isn't really all that early when you're squatting a place to sit at Hampton... but we wound up with a front row parking spot and a nice little spot down near the man made peninsula end of things.

Rowan absolutely loved it! It was a bit chilly when we got there since it was so early, but she insisted on putting on her bathing suit and she ran right out and into the water. I laughed so hard watching her run away from every way, giggling and screaming as her little tiny feet pattered along. She dug holes in the sand, made mini sand castles and we even got to watch some kite flying. I never thought she'd like it so much, but she really did! I bet she'll be a beach bum someday.

After swimming, we took a walk to the playground and up and down the board walk for fried dough and fries of course. :)

It was fantastic! Although, Barney hated every second of it haha

Since my camera is broken, I'm including some stock photos of the beach haha just to spice some things up.

We also took route 1 home, through Rye.. past all the big beautiful beach houses..I wonder how many millions it would take to buy one... hahaha


*~*Lis*~* said...

hahaha - i was wondering why Ro's hair wasn't red! and why it was in a 1999 scrunchy! :)