Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Update

We've been going through a very tough time the last month. On July 28th I was pulled into HR and "laid off" along with 70 other people in my department. It was a heart wrenching moment... and I cried for nearly 2 weeks after that.

My saving grace was that I was given 30 days to continue working, and also I have another 13 weeks of severance pay after that. I'm good until November 24th (a few days after my 30th bday.. yay).

I've been very actively searching for a new job. but its not the best time right now to find anything, as the economy sucks.

I had an interview this week at another large insurance company about an hour away, but received the call this morning that they chose someone wtih more experience.

This afternoon at 3 I have an interview at a local hospital doing what I do now. I have prayed everyday for that job... as working in a hospital is something I've wanted to do for a very long time.

I have another interview next week at the same large insurance company but for a different area.

3 isn't' that bad.. I'm praying that one of them turns out.

Its scary though, and if i can't find work making what I make now, we'll most definitely have to redo our lives.. perhaps move out of our condo and look at renting again.... who knows. Either way its not a change I was prepared for. I was quite happy with my life and the way it was going so you can only imagine the roller coaster I've been on since this all happened.

Poor Rowan has been handling it like a trooper. Every time I cry she asks me if I'm sad and if I need a tissue.

She makes me feel better everyday and reminds me what is important in life.

The one thing I am thankful for in this whole experience, is that its certainly woken me up. Have you ever gotten so immersed in the day to day hum drum of life that you sort of fall asleep? That was me about 2 months ago. This though, has snapped me out of that. I'm paying more attention to Rowan and boo, and less attention to the stupid things that don't matter...

I had been praying to God for a while now, that he help me be more close to him and that I allow him to be a larger presence in my life.

I think that he answered my prayers. I know that things are not in my control, no matter how much I thought they were. And i know that I need to trust him and his plans for me. Its very difficult not knowing what your futures holds, but if your willing to trust in God and the direction he sends you in, its a lot less scary.