Monday, August 25, 2008


Well here I sit at work, cozy in my cubicle. Its my last week here... its a strange feeling but I'm also looking foward to it being over. After all, I can surf the net and apply for jobs from the comfort of my home and in my jammies.

Did I mention I'm eating a handipack? The breadstick kind and its super yummy. I bought them for Rowan last week but she doesn't like them.. I sure do! haha

Needless to say its excruciatingly boring being here at work with no work to do. I guess I should be thankful that I'm being paid to do nothing (and I am).

I really can't wait to find another job however. I just want this whole mess over with and I want to move foward with me life no matter what the entails. It could be a rough couple of months.. but i'm willing and ready to deal with it. The more and more I think about this entire situation, the more thankful I become. Because honestly, I've got the most amazingly loving husband a girl could ask for, and my daughter is the most beautiful angel the good Lord could have sent me. I have more in my life with the two of them than half the other people in this world. Who cares about everything else... these two people are what make me tick.

That being said, man oh man do I want that job at the hospital. I want it so bad my heart is aching. It sounds right up my alley.. and would even involve doing some offsite training and stuff. I had tried to switch my MBA program a few months back to Business Education with a concentration in corporate training but work vetoed it because it wasn't applicable enough to my current role. But its definitly something I am very interested in. Here's hoping!

Ok well, enough rambling. I'm going to check out some job boards and then pray for the rest of the afternoon. Toodles!