Friday, August 22, 2008

Because I love him

And quite frankly I think he's hot! Mr. Boyle

Also.. a big happy 30th Bday to him! August 25th. :)


Monica LeMoine said...

Agreed, he's bitchin' hot. You can just tell he's got a stellar character, too - bonus. Thanks for checkin' out my blog! You've inspired me to post a picture of my Kevin, "because I love him." Or one of his hairy butt.

Ann Boye said...

i'm not sure what the protocol is for responding to commments as i'm fairly new to this whole thing haha

anyhow, thank you! He does have an amazing personality too.. he wears his heart on his sleeve and wouldn't think twice about crying if he felt the need too. Yet on the flip side of that, he's a rugged electrician, ex race car drive covered with tattoos. So not only is he sensitive but he's a bad boy too.

a perfect little package if I might say so myself :)

All my girlfriends circle around like vultures, waiting for my untimely demise, so that they may swoop up and steal him. HA!

Good to hear from you too! I've read your entire blog.. you are a far stronger person than I.. although sometimes it takes an experience like yours to show a person how truly strong they can be.

*~*Lis*~* said...

just gotta say i'm one of the vultures waiting patiently to swoop in! hehehe