Friday, August 22, 2008

A steaming hot day at the park....

Every year the Prescott park arts festival puts on a play. They build a stage right in the middle of the park and it runs all summer long. This year was Beauty and Beast! I had taken Rowan to a play a few months earlier in a theater downtown Portsmouth so I was sure she'd love it. And would have, had it not been about 90 degrees and as humid as a South American jungle.

Either way, we putz around the Prescott park flower gardens for a while where Rowan could dip her feet into the water fountains, and then we squatted down on a blanket for the performance. The play was fantastic... i felt horrible for the performers as they were all wearing large heavy costumes... I can't even imagine how hot they were!

We didn't stay for the entire thing as it was quite long and frankly we were sweating BLEEPS off. Either way it was a fun day and we enjoyed it. :)