Friday, August 22, 2008

The Zoo... Again

Barney had things to do one rainy saturday so I packed Rowan up and we headed to the York Zoo in ME for the day to meet up with two friends that also have kids.

It was a fun day... even with the drizzle and the coolness. Rowan has been potty trained now for quite some time so it was our first big outing in big girl undies. She did very well and let me know when she needed to use the potty. :) such a big girl!

At the zoo we saw tons of animals of course (no duh right?). Rowan loved them all expecially the goats because she'd recently learned to say "BAH!!!" haha.. she really wanted to see some cows but alas, there were none.

Another highlight of the day was seeing the Lions and Tigers... which Rowan called Kitties of course... and she very politely called to them..."here kitty kitty.. kiss kiss."

gotta love a kids point of view on the world.

And another slide show.. because I love them.