Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend in Review

Yet again another fabulous weekend at the Boyle house. It started off yesterday with the birthday party we attended (look down for pics). Today we celebrated Barney's 30th Birthday. (really tomorrow). We started in the last year or so to have Breakfast birthday parties. The food is cheaper and we have a longer time to hang out before nap time comes... so its perfect for the kids.

It is a bit strange to have Birthday cake with eggs and bacon but for the most part it works out pretty well.

Anyhow, we went over to Nonnie and Papas house bright and early by 8 am. Aunty Shawna was there of course with Toby Jr and new Baby Molly. (ro's cousins) Rowan LOVES Molly... she can't stop touching her and cuddling her. We've already discussed having another child because quite frankly I think Rowan would probably take care of it for us.. heck if there's no work in involved on our part why the F not right?

She also likes to hold Molly in her lap with Mommy's help of course, and whenever anyone else walks by, she yells, MY MOLLY!!! So yeah, there's no sharing of the baby apparently.

After the party we headed home for nap time. After Rowan went down, Barney cuddled up with me on the couch... hmmmmmm.... wonder why? After convincing me that we were way past due for some "day sex" and bringing out the whole.. "its my birthday line" we finally wound up upstairs in our bedroom... curtains and blinds drawn of course because things have to be as dark as humanly possible.. wouldn't want to see me naked hahahahaha

And here's the best part...a few minutes later an hour later we both fell fast asleep curled up in each other's arms like two old content fat cats sleeping in the sun. Pefect!

The day ended with steak and squash on the grill and an afternoon walk... Ahhhh bliss.

weekend in photos


*~*Lis*~* said...

Happy Birthday Old Man!! :)

and wouldn't it be perfect if that afternoon sex ended up in a baby?