Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Odiorne State Park

Today I was supposed to have an interview in Boston, but I postponed it a week until I find out about the hospital job.

Sooo.. I had the day off with nothing to do but whatever my heart desired.

I kept Rowan home with me and decided to head over to Odiorne State Park. Its a beautiful place and I haven't been there since I was a little kid.


I told Rowan we were going to see the Ocean.. she said... "da Oh Chin?" She was quite excited. We got there around 10 and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful, slightly chilly with nothing but sun and a few stray white puffy clouds. I'm going into depth with the description because alas, my camera shit the bed as soon as we got there.. (how pissed was I)

I did buy a disposable at the Science center but without a scanner you'll never get to see them..sniffles.

Anyhow, the oddest yet funniest thing occured while I was there. A very large group of women with children around Rowan's age arrived at the Science Center. There were kids running around everywhere and before I knew it, I'd been swept in the crowd. Mom's were talking to me, making conversation while our kids played etc etc. I finally realized that they were part of a Seacoast are stay at home mother's club. And since I was there during a week day and I had a kid the same age they all beleived I was just part of the group. I got swepted off to have lunch with them, over to the playground and even down to the tidal pools to explore with all the kids. They were all so very nice and welcoming. I guess they thought I was a newbie hahahaha.... I sort of feel like a wedding crasher, but at the same time, it was nice to get a peek into a different word... the SAHM world. I've worked since 8 weeks after Rowan was born. And quite honestly, I can't imagine not working..I'm just not SAHM material. I would get to restless... and Rowan would eat me alive.

They were all very nice women though. They wore hippy style clothing, and recycled alot. They were frugal and were all very willing to share info about thier kids percentiles and milestones.

So there it is, for a day, I was adopted by a SAHM club... and it was kind of fun.

ps.. this might have been them... http://www.bigtent.com/groups/sma/


*~*Lis*~* said...

sounds like a great day! you're right - it's not for everyone, myself included! but at 2K a month for daycare for 3 kids there's no way i CAN work! the SAHM's clubs are cool - I "belong" to the one in my area but have yet to be able to make an event. next year maybe I can get out of the house on time! :)