Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pierce Island

The new warm weather has been such a blessing. Barney and I have both realy enjoyed spending a lot of time outside with Miss rowan. She really loved it too and spends every waking moment begging to go "side??? side???"...

We took her out for a really sunny day to Peirce Island in Portsmouth. There is a large play ground there and you can walk down to the water and play in the tide pools. She loved picking up and looking at all the snails.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The park

We've been going to a lot of local parks and playgrounds lately. Its free and Rowan gets a million dollars worth of enjoyment out of it. A few weeks ago we went to the Dover park and met up with Lily and Ryan. Lily is doing so well. Its amazing that just a few short months after having open heart surgery to correct her defect, that she can run around and keep up with Rowan. She looks and is doing so well. Her and Rowan always have such a great time together.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Safety First!

The first time I put this helmet on her, I accidentaly pinched the skin under her chin with the clip. It took 2 months for her to forget the trauma from that day.. and we finally got the damn helmet back on her!

Going to visit Toby

Rowan has a cousin named Toby that is fairly close in age to her. On occasion she will go over to my sister in laws house for a few hours as Barney goes to help his little brother out on his race car. This gives me a few blessed hours of quiet all to myself. I do miss my two babies... but the silence is so well deserved! On this day.. Rowan was also sporting her new hand made Elmo backpack. Check out my friends purse/bag site!

If your going to San Francisco....

I made Rowan a little crown of dandelions. She wouldn't let me put it in her hair so I had to sneak it on when she wasn't paying attention... she's such a pretty little girl.. I'm not quite sure how I made her.

Under the sea...

I get free tickets to the Boston Aquarium through work. We decided to go with my sister and her family... Adam and Kyler.

It was a super fun day. Kyler is such a cute kid.. and Rowan loved hanging out with her new cousin.

After the aquarium we headed over to Fanuel hall for lunch. We got to see some circus street peformers which the two kids loved of course!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chillin Like a villian

Rowan and her daddy have one very important thing in common.. they both love chillin out on the couch.... my two lazy cats..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Me Love Cookies!

I bought some strawberry waffers to give to Rowan when she tries to use the potty. She thinks they're cookies.. and I haven't the heart to tell her they're not. haha She sure does love them!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Girl Next Door

There is a little girl next door that is only a few months older than Rowan. Her name is Alana and Rowan loves having her over to play. I watch Alana and her big sister Alicia every now and then when they're daddy goes to class. Rowan gets so excited.. and the two girls love coming over because they get to play with playdoh and markers (they're not allowed to have them at home.)