Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall/Halloween Photo Shoot with Miss Rowan :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Huge News!

We are moving back home to the seacoast area! After about a year of getting back on our feet after losing our house and my layoff and everything else that happened to us, we're finally flying the coop!

I am so excited to be back around all of our family and friends... and I look foward to living near civilization, stores and towns that actually have cable!!!


My baby girl is growing up way to fast!

There is a little girl down the road named Autumn whom has quickly become Rowan's little best friend. She visits often,they play at one another's house, and know how to tear a room apart in about 5 minutes flat!

A few weeks ago she being almost 9 years old, asked my 4 1/2 year old if she wanted to sleep over.


After swallowing my terror at allowing my baby to sleep somewhere else for the first time EVER in her life, I figured letting her sleep over at house that was literally 100 feet away was probably the best way for her to experience her first sleep over. At least I was close enough to go get her if she freaked out.

But of course it was only mummy and daddy that were freaked... she didn't' call once... and apparently had a great time with out us.

We weren't even sure what do with ourselves... so we had a nice quite evening alone... it was... well.... weird... haha

Its that time of year again!! APPLE PICKING!

Its amazing how much sooner the fall arrives here in northern NH.... Already leaves are changing color and all the fall harvests are coming in. Including apples!

There is a new orchard right here in town so we decided to go check it out and it was a beautiful place!
The owner was an absolute sweet heart and loved talking to Rowan and her friend Autumn. She showed us around, explained what apples were ready for picking and even gave us a tour of her pumpkin patch.

The apples of course were delicious and so was the company!

A little bribe goes a long way


What's that?? I can have a handful of chocolate chips? OK!!!!!

New Edition

Last month, as my dad was outside chopping down a rotted tree in the yard, a kitten popped out from over our rock wall and wouldn't go away. She was thin, flea bitten and filthy.

Of course we took her in, not fully knowing what we started. Some neighborhood kids came walking down the street with a story of seeing a car stop, dump a ton of kittens on the road, and take off.

Oh great!

Sure enough, we found another one in the field behind our house, and then another one surfaced found in a dumpster... and they just kept popping out of the wood work.

We thankfully found homes for all but one... but since Rowan lived with a house full of kittens, she sure as heck wasn't going to go without one for herself. How can you say no to those big blue eyes?

and so we wound up with Oliver! An orange and white tiger kitty who came from a rough background. But he's oh so cute :) and quite frankly, I adore the little bugger.

Sassy pants!

Rowan informed me a few days after she started preschool, that she had acquired herself a new boyfriend already.

What can I say? The girl has her mother's charm and good looks.

For her 2nd day of preschool she came down the stairs, dressed to the nine's like Hannah Montana and announced that her "new boyfriend was gonna think she was soooooo hot."

Oh Boy! We're in trouble!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hopkington Fair

Oh I do so love me a country style fair! Cows, the smell of hay mingled with french fries and sausage subs, dust and fast flashing rides.

What's not to adore!

This past weekend we went to the Hopkington Fair again... Last year was our first time going and we enjoyed it. It's certainly not as large as some of the past fairs we've been too, but it had alot more animal barns which is Rowan's favorite part anyhow :)

Overall it was a great day! Rowan wanted to visit every animal barn at least twice, she loved the petting zoo filled with baby goats, and she even talked us into buying her a pillow pet! Oh swooooooon

Winding down into fall....

Thank goodness for this cool autumn air.. I am absolutely relishing in it.

This past week Rowan and I have started our homeschooling Pre-k Lessons back up as well as her starting at a local preschool 2 days a week. She really needs the interaction with other children, she is positively starved for playmates.

Today was her first day... and she was just bubbling over with excitement. She practically jumped out of my moving vehicle and ran down the driveway to get to the front door of the school haha.

At pickup time, her teacher told me she was given Kudos because she approached a very shy unhappy little boy during art time. He had not uttered a peep all morning to adult or child alike. Rowan apparently went over to him t share her art project and then proceeded to make funny faces at him until he started giggling and talking to her. When I picked her up they were happily playing firemen in the outdoor playhouse. ADORABLE!

I asked her on our drive home what made her want to approach the boy, and she said that "God likes us to be nice people to others and he looked sad and alone."


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phew!!! Glad its over

What a totally consuming thing it is to train for a half marathon. I feel as though all I've done all summer was run, run and then run some more.

But guess what... I DID IT!!!!

Coming in! 2 hours, 39 minutes!

Crossing the line, I was looking back at Rowan cheering for me.

All hot and sweaty but still standing with the support of my little family :)

My running partner Ang