Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My baby girl is growing up way to fast!

There is a little girl down the road named Autumn whom has quickly become Rowan's little best friend. She visits often,they play at one another's house, and know how to tear a room apart in about 5 minutes flat!

A few weeks ago she being almost 9 years old, asked my 4 1/2 year old if she wanted to sleep over.


After swallowing my terror at allowing my baby to sleep somewhere else for the first time EVER in her life, I figured letting her sleep over at house that was literally 100 feet away was probably the best way for her to experience her first sleep over. At least I was close enough to go get her if she freaked out.

But of course it was only mummy and daddy that were freaked... she didn't' call once... and apparently had a great time with out us.

We weren't even sure what do with ourselves... so we had a nice quite evening alone... it was... well.... weird... haha