Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Edition

Last month, as my dad was outside chopping down a rotted tree in the yard, a kitten popped out from over our rock wall and wouldn't go away. She was thin, flea bitten and filthy.

Of course we took her in, not fully knowing what we started. Some neighborhood kids came walking down the street with a story of seeing a car stop, dump a ton of kittens on the road, and take off.

Oh great!

Sure enough, we found another one in the field behind our house, and then another one surfaced found in a dumpster... and they just kept popping out of the wood work.

We thankfully found homes for all but one... but since Rowan lived with a house full of kittens, she sure as heck wasn't going to go without one for herself. How can you say no to those big blue eyes?

and so we wound up with Oliver! An orange and white tiger kitty who came from a rough background. But he's oh so cute :) and quite frankly, I adore the little bugger.