Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A day trip to the mountains...

One of the best parts about living in NH is that we're close to cities, oceans and mountains. There are so many amazing things to see and do!

This weekend we decided to do a little day trip to the mountains. I can remember doing this with my parents when I was little. I'm very "traditions" oriented, and I find myself always trying to recreate moments from my past with Rowan. Does anyone else out there do this?

Anyhoo, we had an amazing time, and I was very humbled by the shear size of Franconia Notch , the area we drove through.
The Notch coming into view

The Basin - a natural pool of water created by 1000's of years of flowing water

This water was ice cold.. but how could I resist!

The little miss and I, she is so goofy

She adored playing in the water

I heart him

I wish a picture could show you how huge this thing is

Boise Rock - being held up by my little super hero ;)

Rowan took this picture lol

Another Rowan photo, she's not to bad witht he camera lol

At the top of the big rock.

More amazing views

The "NO man" of the mountain, so sad that its gone!