Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick Or Treat

Tonight was our trick or treat night. My friend Elissa over at came along with her three kids (John, Sadie, and Lorellei). They were adorably dressed as a strawberry, a dinosaur and a penguin.
We joined up with a few neighbors also so it ended up being quite the fun little group!

Rowan did so well. She had been practicing how to say Trick or Treat for a few weeks now and nailed it. She said it at every door as well as thank you! woo hoo.

Barney dressed up in his fire suit and went as a race car driver.., not much of a stretch for him but it was cute anyways.

Enjoy the slide show and the video!

Oh and just to see how much she's grown... here is last years slide show.

(Sham) Wow

Ok so has anyone heard of those Shamwow rags? Well Barney saw the informercial and immediatly wanted one. He's big into those silly "new" inventions and usually as soon as he sees them he immediatly wants one.

So, I had gone to the fair a few weeks back and since it was the last day of the fair, everything for sale in the vendor building goes on super clearance.

They had crocs for 20 bucks, Little Giants half off... oh and Shamwows 2 for 20 bucks. Usually one for 20.

So I off course indulged and bought my silly hubby two shamwow bundles. He was super excited when I brought them home and he has since started using them for everything, including drying dishes and mopping up messess from Rowan.

Now I won't say that they don't sop up a good amount of liquid, because they do. Have they made a huge impact on my overall well being and happiness? No.

Also can I note that Shamwows are nothing more than pieices of Chamois fabric. Uhhh yeah I can buy that at the local fabric store lol

And here is the final kicker... when we rolled out our Shamwows there is a big printed stamp across the fabric. MADE IN WEST GERMANY

Now for those of you that are Non history buffs... West Germany was disolved in 1990. So not only are people paying 20 dollars for a roll of Chamois they can buy at the local Walmart, but they're paying 20 dollars for a roll of fabric 18 flippin years old.

are you kidding me??? "SHAM" wow is right.


Ok so in Rowan's preschool class there is her regular teacher and then also the student teacher/helper named Miss Sarah. Apparently Miss Sarah is in college working on her teaching degree and she approached me this morning with a question. She has a large project to do in her Child Developement class and she wanted my permission to study Rowan.

Now this could mean one of two things. 1. My child is brilliant. She's fun, amazing, and an interestingly advanced child worthy of study. Or 2. She's a freak and worthy of study.

I'm kind of torn on the reason Miss Sarah has chosen.... I'd like to think perhaps its a good mix of both.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rowan's 2008 School Picture

I was a bit worried that Rowan would do one of her rediculous funny face smiles... because that's all she ever does for me. However she did pretty good... and I think it came out pretty darn cute!

Here she is at 2 1/2

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love Story

Having read that book yesterday, and its intense love story, I spent a while this morning reflecting on my own love story... and my Boo.

I first saw boo (Barney) in a class in college. We were older, don't let the college reference fool you. We weren't tiny little 18 year olds. We were in our mid 20's just finishing college late.

He was new to our school... I was just starting my divorce from the ole' ex. I was sitting with a girlfriend of mine in our class and in he walked. He sat at the back of the room... no doubt because he was nervous on his first day of class at a new school. I turned back to look at him again... damn he was hot. To my girlfriend next to me, I giggled and glanced at him..."I'd do him...." (we were having a conversation about the guys we'd do... ok so maybe that part was very 18ish.. but it was fun anyhow).

He was so rugged.. and I couldn't help but stare at him. He always rolled the sleaves of his thick winter sweaters up to his elbows so that his strong slightly scared forearms were exposed (mountain biking wipeout, don't let it impress you too much, he was drunk when it happened.. don't drink and mountain bike you dummy!) His hands were dirty... strong and rough. This was a man that worked hard... and his body showed it. His build was sleak, yet strong. He definitly spent a good amount of time doing physical activity, although at that time I had no idea what. I later found that he spent every waking moment at the gym... (super yum) and also that he raced a stock car... (hence the dirty hands) I wanted him so bad.... badly indeed.

We made it through that entire 12 week long semester with out much conversation between us. I had my eye on him though, and I was on the "hunt" if you will. Towards the end of the semester, the entire class was discussing what classes they were taking next. I mentioned mine... and to my delight he was in the same one. At this point I didn't even know his name... I'd never much paid attention during name call.

Once the next semester started, I arrived to my class and saw him sitting at the back again, with an empty chair next to him that I confidently and ruthlessly took. I had joked with him anyhow that I'd see him in our next class.... I later found out that he was absolutly astonished that I actually sat next to him.. he thought I was out of his league... :)

We talked.. he knew I was married... at that point I still had my rings on. I made some sort of scoffed remark about my then husband... and how we were starting a divorce process.

His face changed, and a look of saddness swept across his eyes. He stated that he'd divorced a year ago, and if I needed to talk or wanted a friend, he was totally there for me.

Ok so he's ruggedly handsome, hard working and sensitive... I melted. When I fell in love though... was when he made his first joke.... i'd mentioned growing up farther north in NH and secretly being a hick despite my dolled up outer appearance. I even confessed to having partaked in some cow tipping (yes its true). He laughed.... and he joked..."I've been cow tipping in france... they fall with an accent.... " and then he moo-ed with a french accent. (don't try to picture it, you had to be there)

That was it... I was hooked. Ruggedly handsome, hard working, sensitive with a sense of humor?? My God, I've found the perfect man.

A few weeks later he'd mentioned going to the movies after class... I guess he'd be trying to get me to take the bait and offer to join him.. it went totally over my head. But later that night, we spoke online via IM. And he was brave enough to outright ask me to go with him. He asked that it not be a date, but just a "hang out". (he'd been very badly burned by his ex-wife and was afraid, I can't say I blame him)

We met after I got out of work and he was done working on his racecar... and he drove me to the ocean in the middle of march. It was freezing. But he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and we sat watching the waves role in and talking about life. He had dreams of moving to NC to work on nascar race cars... I wanted a husband that wasn't a sloth like my current one and kids someday. Neither goal was something the other really wanted yet we were intrigued by one another.

We headed off to the movies to watch Old School.

Let me start by saying I am a laugher. When something's funny I crack up.. I can't help it... and once is starts, I can't stop. Needless to say I laughed my ass off during Old School. Its funny because he'd already seen it with a few of his guy friends. But on the ride home, he'd told me hadn't laughed much the first time, but that he couldn't stop laughing while watching it with me... he said I'd somehow made it funnier.

During the movie we stayed fairly innocent. He'd rested his hand on my knee... and of course his sleaves were roled up so I rested my arm and hand on his amazingly sexy forearm which I coudlnt' help but stroke lightly with my fingers and trace all of the veins and muscles. It was electric when I touched him.

He dropped me off at work, where I could pick up my car and drive home. There was no kiss... after all we were just hanging out right? He did play some music for me... I had been joking that the used car I was bombing around in, was a pimp mobile. I can't even remember what it was now.. a buick mabye? so he played Big Pimpin for me... and we laughed. It was our song for quite a while.

I left his truck craving more...

He called me a few days later, and asked me out again. He said his sister was going away for the weekend skiing with her husband, so he'd have their apartment all to himself. (he moved in with her after his divorce). He wanted to know if I'd like to come over for chinese take out and watch a movie. It was St. Patty's day.

I remember I wore a frilly summer skirt, with a blue tank top (it was an exceptionally warm day in march) he commented on my arms when he picked me up... that I was pretty rugged for a girl. haha I was that time I was also a gym rat... I ran 6 miles every day and also lifted weights at the gym. He was so chivelrous.. he lifted me up into his truck, held my hand when I jumped out to ensure I didn't fall.. he was so protective, still is.

We picked up chinese food... and headed to his place with a movie he'd picked up for us. It was The Usual Suspects. It was an old movie at that time, but i'd never seen it and he'd insisted it was really good.

We ate, nervously talking, alone for the first time. After cleaning up our dishes, he started the DVD player and he plopped on the couch. I sat down, in the middle of the couch.. now it was my time to be shy.

He looked at me... and simply said "get over here" with a confidence I hadn't expected from him. His arms were out.. waiting for me as he sprawled out onto the couch. I laid down in front of him, his arms engulfing me with his scent and strength. My God I wanted him then. I wanted him so badly I could taste it.

I dont' remember anything about that movie. I dont' think I watched one second of it. All I could think about was his body behind me.. his arms touching me... and his head just above mine.. His lips so close to me... so close to mine... I was ready to melt into him... it was excrutiating. I know we talked.. he mentioned things about the movie.. I didn't listen.. I just watched his lips move.. waiting for him to see how much pain I was in... waiting for that moment that would cross us both over into something different... into something physical. He is so much more patient than I. More calculating, more controled. I can't wait for anything, cooking is enough to drive me crazy. When I want something, I want it now..instant grafification.

He takes his time, he savors the moment...and he can wait teasingly and impossibley long. I say this as if it took hours.... but honestly, if I had to guess, it was probaby only 20 mins.. I'm sure he noticed me staring at his mouth longingly, he noticed how stiff I'd gotten lying next to him... i'm sure he could hear my heart pounding out of my chest.. So he simply stopped talking..... and he kissed me. Softly, but confidently. I could tell he wanted me just the same.. yet he was so restrained... unlike I who completely engulfed him... he was slow... methodical almost. not letting his hunger take over like i'd let mine.

I know you're dying for more ooey gooey details, but there will be none. I will simply say that thus began our love story. And now, almost 6 years later, i'm reflecting on that one pivotal moment when it all began. I will tell you that day he was a lucky Irish man. Which is something he gloats about even now. But it was I who was lucky. Because he really is the perfect man, still is the perfect man.

He chose not to go to NC to pursue his nascar dream. It was tumultuous, and painful... and in the end after a long drawn out tear filled month, he chose me. He chose to give up on a dream he'd had since he was a child. He chose to stay here with me and have a family and a marriage. I know it was a sacrafice he'll always wonder about. And I'm fine with that. Because when he comes home from work all dirty and sweaty and tired, he looks at me with those eyes... the ones that tell me that he loves me in every way possible. And then picks up our little red headed daughter and swings her around in the air with a huge smile. He's happy. Way happier than I'd ever thought he'd be with this decision. I dont' think he new this dream was ever possible for him. So he never bothered to have it.


A first for me

So yesterday, I read an entire book, front to cover, for the first time in my life, all in one day. I was engrossed, I couldn't put it down. Not even to spend time with my beautiful little red headed daughter when she got home from school.

Thankfully she was in a quite mood and spent a good portion of the night nuzzled into my side watching Monster's Inc while I devoured page after page.

Now what amazing book could do this to me?? Well, let me start with a little history first.

I am an avid Anne Rice fan. I've read almost every book she's ever written. My favorite stories being the Vampire Chronicles and the Witch Chronicles which consumed the early half of my 20's. I read them all numerous times. And I am most certainly in love with the Vampire Lestat. Oh how I swoon for him when I read his books. And I'm not sure if you've ever read them, but they are written as if by him. He admits to writing the novels almost under the guise of Anne. So a little part of me, and yes I'm not ashamed to admit this, sort of believes that Lestat is real.... that he exists. And what if he does??? oh the beautiful possibilities.

The best part of these two series of books, is that towards the end Anne began to intertwine the two plots. And before you know it, the two series became one.... and it was Divine.

The last book ends with Rowan Mayfair (the witch) and Lestat the Vampire standing on the edge of falling in love.... swoon..... (yes, that's who Rowan is named after...)

And then the unthinkable happened... Anne Rice found Christ. I hate saying it that way, because quite frankly her two novels about Jesus Christ are amazing. They've taken Jesus and put him into a story that is easy to read and quite frankly I've fallen in love with Him by reading her books. It comes at a perfect time for me, because I too have recently found Christ in my life and have struggled for the last couple of years with the change in my beliefs and trying to get to know God better if you will. Her two books have made that struggle so much easier for me, and I'm so thankful for it.

However..... WHAT THE FUCK IS GONNA HAPPEN WITH ROWAN AND LESTAT!!!!! You can't write a story for years on end and then just decide not to finish it!!! Do you know how devastatingly cruel that is??? I'm dying over here..... I make up stories in my head to satiate the need to know what happens next.... and I pray that she decides to continue with the story.... her readers NEED it!!!

Ok so enough about my obsession with Anne Rice, moving on now. To my delight a few days ago, I came across a book review on a blog I've recently started reading. Thank you for recommending Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The blogger mentions that she read the first two books in the series twice while on vacation and then scoured a tropical location for the next two books in English to no avail. It intrigued me.... it more so intrigued me when I read that the books were about...nothing other than Vampires.

Now she had my attention. Could it be possible that another author could intrigue me as much as Anne? And yes.... yes she did! It was amazing! and now not only am I in love with Lestat... But Ohhhhh the deviness that is Edward Cullen.... (it takes a while to get past his first name, its so not sexy, but as a woman married to a Barney, I think I adjusted faster than most.)

I was up last night until 11:30... (I'm usually asleep by 9, i know its pathetic) determined to finish the book.... and I did..

then I went to sleep...secretly dreaming and wishing my husband was pale skinned cold vampire intoxicated by my smell...... delicious.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little Crafty

Last night was rainy and cold... so we were stuck inside with an anxious energetic toddler. So I put on my thinking hat and we did a craft project.

I used to do this project with my mom when I was little. You pick out a few pretty leaves that have fallen to the ground... 3 to 4 red yellow and orange crayons, a crayon sharpener, an Iron, and some wax paper.

Cut out two peices of wax paper that are large enough to sandwich one to two leaves. Using the crazyon sharpener, create small bits of the colored crayon that you can put under and on top of the leaves but in between the wax paper.

After creating enough, sprinkle them under and on top of the leaf.

Put a face cloth or dish towel on top of your wax paper/leaf sandwich and iron. (some crayon wax may come through so be sure you don't use your favorite dish towel, if there is such a thing).

Once cooled, cut around the shape of the leaf. Either punch a hole in it to hang with yarn or string, or tape directly to the window. Voila!! Instant leaf art :)





Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aimless ramblings

Today my horoscope told me that I shouldn't be lazy.... yet here I am.. doing just that. I ran to Benjamin Franklins and bought a canvas. I'm going to paint today.

I was a super art geek in high school and spent every free moment of my time in the art room working on masterpieces. I have a few of them still littered around my condo.... and many of my paintings were apprehended by my sister to artfully decorate her apartment.... Not sure how she weaseled them out of me.

I haven't painted in quite some time, as well.. I have no time. No excuses now though right?? Unemployment is oh so joyously filled with time.

So here I am... trying to come up with some inspiration, which no doubtedly will come from the fall scenery around me. I'm feeling orangish today.

On another note, my little Rowan officially turned 2 1/2 on the 18th. 2 1/2!!! Crazy eh? What a huge difference between 2 and 2 1/2. She speaks now in coherent albeit somewhat broken sentences. But she can definitely get a point across and express her thoughts and most importantly her opinions... something she never fails to have. She's 2 lbs heavier to the whoa of my poor husband whom is now riddled with back pain and she's 1 1/2 inches taller. I put a pair of pants on her yesterday that have fit her for the last year and they were disastrously short. She looked ridiculous, but alas, she went to school that way because I was to lazy to change her. Hmm... back that lazy thing again... I should probably work on that.

She and I have started to fight often. It could be that I have my period this week so I'm short on patience. And when I get grouchy, her mood only gets worse. This morning was the type of morning I could not wait to drop her off at school. It sounds awful, but trust me, we needed the space. It could be that she woke me up at 5 am... crawled into my bed, and kept me half awake for the next hour and half by kicking me just as I dozed off. At one point I snapped.. shoved her away and yelled at her. (I was half asleep, please don't think I'm mean parent).

Speaking of periods can I just say what the F%$& to that? I have had an IUD since Rowan turned one. For the first 6 months, I spotted nearly every single day and it was sooo frustrating. My husband was fully convinced it was an effective form of birth control because I just bled all the time, making it impossible to be intimate. I know I know.. some people still "do it" during that time.. but I just can't... I just feel icky.

Anyhow after that first 6 month window.. my period finally stopped... I got maybe one or two after that which were very heavy.. and then all of a sudden it stopped. And for the last year I have not had a period at all. Accept for this month... and last month some very light spotting. So What the F%&$ people? Why is it back? Have I not earned the right to be rid of it all together after 6 long months of bleeding every day? At one point I even called the OB to make sure I wasn't going to die of blood loss.... it was that bad! Yet here I am, with Mr. Happy period... and quite frankly its pissing me off. And apparently its pissing Rowan off too.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The scope of a child's imagination is beyond comprehension. It's amazing to even see Rowan using her imagination... as this is something fairly new in her development as a human. I'm floored every time I witness one of her creative moments.

Tonight's moment involved a small bath toy, a wad of ugly bluish playdoh and a straw from a juice box. What can you do with these items?? Why, make a birthday cake of course!

Pumpkin Carving

Today Rowan painted her baby pumpkin while I carved my big one :)

It was quiet and messy and no doubt a memory that I will cherish forever.

ps... gotta love my kitty Grafton... she's such a cutie



Rowan picked out the kitty pattern... she likes kitties



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Festival Day at Butternut Farm

Today was the free festival at Butternut Farm. We took Rowan to pick out a pumpkin, paint a mini pumpkin and partake in the free hay ride and face painting.

It was as usual a blast, because when isn't time spent with a toddler a blast?

More slide show goodness.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


As Rowan was waiting for Grampa and Gramma to come today, we played outside for a while to kill the time. (I was sooo sick of her asking me if they were here yet)

So we made a daddy scarecrow. :)



A mini celebration

My folks drove down here today for a visit after hearing that Barney passed his test. And as luck would have it, he recieved his letter this morning with his passing grade and congratulations! He got a 100% on the code piece of his exam and an 88% on the practical. He was super excited... although he wanted 100's on both he was satisfied (yes he's that anal).

My dad bought a 10lb lobster for the celbration.... it was humungous! Almost the same size as Rowan! haha I don't eat Lobster nor does my mother, so it was all up to the boys to devour him... with a little help from little Miss Rowan.

Check out the picks! :)

Posing with the "wobsta"

She was doing her arms like the Lobster

I thought he deserved some sort of form of self defense.

He lost... (the lobster that is)

The infamous letter

Friday, October 17, 2008

4 and a half years

Four and a half years ago, after completing a bachelors degree... my then boyfriend (now hubby) announced he wanted to go to eletrical school and become an electrician. It was like starting all over again... making 10 bucks an hour when he could easily work in an office making over 40000 a year.

I knew he'd be miserable though... so I agreed. Tonight, after 4 1/2 long years of night class and apprentiship, he found out he passed his journeyman's electrical exam.

My baby is a licensed electrician. And no... he won't look at your faulty outlet.


Grocery Shopping continued...

So I’ve put a lot of thought lately into my grocery shopping and finding ways to save money. I know everyone has their fave store and whom they believe to be cheapest.

In light of that, I decided to do a little research project of my own… now I’m not done yet… but here are my results so far.

Walmart for one, is WAY cheaper than Hannafords, despite what I had thought.

And I although I haven’t finished my price compare at Market Basket yet (plan to next week) I do have a small snippet of items that shows Walmart may also be cheaper than even Market Basket! Here they are.

I’ll let you know what I find when I do go to Market Basket. Maybe I should be a secret shopper haha

Hannafords Walmart

Deli Select 3.89 3.50
Yogurt (generic brand) 0.45 0.38
Milk 2.95 2.68
Ro Yogurts 2.59 2.38
Whole wheat bread 1.49 0.97
paper towels 2.19 2.24
Turkey Bacon 2.50 2.50
Arm/Hammer Laundry detergent 5.19 4.50
Plug in Scented Oil 2 pack 5.68 5.12
Fabreeze Noticeables (1 pack) 5.67 5.12
Bush Baked Beans 1.49 1.12
Generic small mustard 1.29 0.62
Splenda Bag 7.50 6.00
Nestle Choc Morsels 2.50 2.48
Poland spring 12 pack h2o 3.49 2.98
Suave Men's shampoo/body wash 2.19 1.93
Large can of pea 0.89 0.82
Chix bullion 1.69 1.96
Juice concentrate Welches 2.39 1.38
Terriyaki glace/marinade 2.59 1.74
Pizza cheese shredded in bag 2.50 2.16
Flour 2.00 1.88
Fluff 1.59 1.58
Van Jello Pudding Instant 1.50 1.00
Vanilla Extract 5.87 3.76
I can'tbelieve/not butter (sticks) 1.79 1.78
Small Pita breads 2.99 2.18
Total 76.86 64.76

Market Basket Hannafords Walmart
Deli Select 3.29 3.89 3.5
Yogurt (generic brand) 0.5 0.45 0.38
Milk 2.99 2.95 2.68
Ro Yogurts 2.69 2.59 2.38
Half and Half 1.49 1.99 2.43
Whole wheat bread 1.39 1.49 0.97
Turkey Bacon 2.89 2.5 2.5
Total 15.24 15.86 14.84

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leaves... again haha

Instant Oatmeal cookies

I made these cookies today out of instant oatmeal packages I had in the cupboard. I bought a huge box of Instant Oatmeal for Rowan but alas she hates the texture.

So why not! They're delicious! (I'm chowing on one now)

(I added a couple boxes of raisins as well as a dash of cinnamon)

1/4 c white sugar
1/2 c brown sugar
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 c butter, softened
1 tbsp milk
1 egg
6 packets flavored instant oatmeal
1 c flour
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients except flour and oatmeal packets. Stir in flour and oatmeal packets. (The mixture will be sticky due to the milk. If you prefer crisp cookies to chewy ones, eliminate the milk. If you like your cookies chewy and cakey, add an extra tablespoon of milk.)

Roll dough into 1 1/2" balls and drop onto an ungreased cookie sheet, about 2" apart. Smash the balls down to a thickness of about half an inch.

Bake until light brown, about ten minutes. Allow to cool on cookie sheet briefly, then remove to a rack to finish cooling.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall memories

Today Alana came over to play with Rowan. They're the same age pretty much, and are also in the same class at school.

Rowan had been napping on the couch when Alana got her, but promptly woke up as soon as she heard Alana's voice.

I figured I have two 2 year old's under my command so lets go outside and play. I've had my eye on this beautiful flaming orange tree outside my door... and the last 2 days the leaves have started to fall off of it. Today there were enough to make into a huge pile... so that's what we did.

The smell of the leaves reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in Northern NH which is very rural. My town was very small and quaint with 100 year old homes and small white pealing churches dotting the main roads. My road was the "center" of town, and it was lined with huge old maple trees that would turn every color of the fall rainbow in the autumn. Leaving many many spots for us to pile up leaves and play. I love that smell... the smell of dead leaves... and earth. I love the memories it brings back to me... and I love that I am creating those memories for Rowan.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Corn Maze

One of my favorite fall activities is visiting a corn maze. Today we headed over to one in Lee NH, which supposedly is the biggest one in the state. (who knows if that's true) haha

We went with my friend Ryan and her daughter Lily who is the same age as Rowan and also her BFF.

It was alot of fun, and the farm is absolutely gorgeous... especially with the fall foliage coming into season. There were beautiful galloping horses out in a pasture, pumpkins galore, and hay bails everywhere. Heaven on earth??? I think so.

We got very lost in the maze quite a few times. But thanks to mail boxes with clues, we eventually found our way out after an hour!!! Please keep in the mind the corn field is about 6 acres large, so it took a while just to walk the whole thing.

Either way it was fun, my only regret was that Daddy wasn't there to enjoy it with us.. sniffles.

A little back rub for daddy

This weekend Barney is in an all day long Sat/Sunday preperatory class for his Electrical licensing Exam on tuesday. Its intense and long. He came home last night very tired, frustruated and with a sore neck. He asked Rowan to give him a neck rub.. and comically... she actually did!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brought a little tear of joy to my eye



We went to a friends birthday party today... well Rowan's friend's birthday party, haha.

When Rowan woke up this morning I made the mistake of telling her we were going to a birthday party. So for the rest of the day all she asked for was cake hahaha

They had a Nemo cake made, with blue blue blue frosting... it was yummy.






Good Morning

There's nothing like baking a pretend cake while dressed up as a princess.




Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Happy Daddy

While watching TV today, Rowan saw a boy on TV and announced..."I don't like the boys.... they're bad".

I could see Barney's smile beaming from across the couch....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A bathtime conversation between Daddy and Rowan

Rowan : Ah Booobies....
Daddy: (giggle) you washed your boobies?
Rowan: yeah.... boobies
Daddy: Wash ya bum.... singing..."rowan has a dirty bum...."
Rowan: Yeah.. smelly

An artful chair

I love reclaiming old or antique furniture. I think it started when I was a kid, and my mother brought us to the 2nd hand store to get my little sister and I, new dressers. We lived in northern NH near a shaker village and the two dressers she bought were done by the shakers. They were so beautiful, and old, with hand carved dove tails and skeleton key holes.

I loved mine... and I still own it.. upstairs in my bedroom.

This morning I went out to start my car and could see a tiny child sized rocking chair by the dumpster... and you bet your tookus I ran over and grabbed it. I've wanted one for Rowan for a while, but had not yet seen one around to buy.... and there the Good Lord sets one at my feet for free! Thank you God.

So I white washed it today... and after Rowan got out of school I let her paint it all by herself. :) Its beautiful... and so is she.

Christmas Shopping and Bj's

So today I went to Bj's and bought a huge package of chicken, and a 3 item pack of kielbasa... as well as a super sized box of cheez its, fruit chews for Rowan, cheerios, Raman, and some other random items. I spent 90 dollars but I think this food will last me months. :)

Now on to more fun topics. I've already started buying Christmas presents for my pumpkin.. I really can't help myself.

Here is the stash thus far: