Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Disney! I'm excited. Our plane ride will be long as we have a stop over... so we leave around 6 am and we won't arrive in Orlando until around 11 or so. But that's alright. At least we get an hour on the ground in between each plane to decompress and let Rowan run around a bit.

I've got a little goodie bag all packed up for her with movies, dvd player, new coloring book,markers and a few new toys to keep her busy. I really don't think it'll be to bad. I plan on doping her up with Benadryl too which should help haha i'm so evil!

She is very excited to go. And keeps telling everyone she sees that she's going to Disney. I don't think she really has any idea what Disney is but she will tell you she's going to see sharks, fish and ducks there hahaha

I am afraid of flying. I always have been. So getting on the plane is the only thing I dread. I keep having these horrific daydreams of going down in flames and what it'll be like holding my daughter and knowing we're going to die. Pleasant eh? haha But alas, these are the things you think about when you have a child. The love you have is so intense that the mere thought of losing it creates disaterous and horrible visions.

Ie... the pool.. most certainly the place she'll drown and I'll hold her wet body in my arms as I watch her lips turn blue.

The stairs, she'll fall and break her neck and i'll scream as my husband trys to bring her back to life.

The horse at the fair, will undoubtedly bite her finger off as we rush to the emergency room, blood gushing out of her tiny little hand.

see??? awesome huh? These visions pop into my head constantly with the fear of loosing my baby. Being a parent is hard!

Anyhow, that's my fear of getting on the damn plane. I'm sure we'll be fine... but alas... how could one not worry? Oh did I mention my hubby mentions a few nights ago as we're watching the news about the econcomy/stock market, that "now would be the perfect time for someone to attack us... while we're down and hurting." I replied... "Gee thanks honey, because i'm getting on a plane in a few days." dumbass....

Anyhow, wish me luck! I will have my laptop with me in the hotel so I will mostly likely be posting while I'm gone.... Heaven forbid I not blog! hahaha


*~*Lis*~* said...

hey you forgot about the one where they run out into the road and your fingers just barley brush their jacket before they get hit. yea i know what you mean!

the plane won't crash and terrorists won't attack! i'm jealous you're going to have so much fun!!!

ann said...

hahaha yeah that one too! Or what about the one where I lose sight of her in the park and she dissapears forever... and I never know if she lived, died, or who took her. awesomeness lol

It'll be super fun though hehe I'm most excited about the place we're staying and the big fun pool it has.. can't wait to go swimming with miss rowan!

*~*Lis*~* said...

I forgot to mention my fear when i took 3 month old lorelei to florida - i couldn't decide if i should have her on my lap or buy a seat for her and have her in her car seat. i ended up buying the seat because my fear was a window would blow out and we would have been ok except I couldn't hold onto her because of the loss of air pressure and she got sucked out the window. fun times! hahaha

you better post some pictures!!!

ann said...

oh heavens lol

yeah i'm not even bringing a car seat with me lol we're taking buses everywhere so i said screw it... plus those Damn Britax's are so flipping heavy! hahaha