Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well the time flew bye! Here I am Saturday night.. we leave tomorrow morning by 5:45. I don't have much energy to post about how SeaWorld was.

I will say it rocked, Shamu Rocks, and we got splashed. haha I will post more tomorrow.

But for now.. Slide show goodness.


Katrina said...

The Shamu show was definitely one of my favorite parts of our Florida trip!! When everyone chants Shamu Shamu with all the arm motions-- yeah-- it was awesome! haha

ann said...

hahaa yeah it did rock... lol the show was hysterical.. you know the cheesy movie in the beginning with the boy etc??/ well the whale he had in the tank didn't feel like working that day and totally ignored the trainer.. they had to swap whales and start again hahaha