Friday, October 3, 2008

Disney Day 2 - Animal and Magic Kingdom

Well today was the big day of hitting the two Disney parks. We started off with Animal Kingdom which I might say was well worth all the money and the plane ride here! What an amazing place. I've been to many zoos but this is what I always thought a Zoo should be. haha

We headed straight for Kilimanjaro Safari's to go on the safari ride through "African tundra". It rocked! We saw hippos, Rhinos, Crocodiles and an whole slew of other odd and awesome animals I don't know the names off.

After that we meandered through Pangani Forest Trail where we saw more hippos, a snoozing gorilla, and a bunch of super neat fish tanks/river habitats.

Then we zoomed over to "Asia" where we walked through the jungle, saw some tigers for 2 seconds at which point they rang the lunch bell and they all went running in.

I'm kind of bummed that we decided to both Magic and Animal Kingdom today because we only saw 1/2 of both parks and I would have loved to spend an entire day thoroughly exploring Animal Kingdom. Ahh well, maybe next time ;)

After Animal Kingdom we took the bus over to Magic Kingdom. It was sooooo cool to see the Cinderella Castle.. I felt like a little girl myself. One of the funniest things is seeing all of the little girls around all decked out in princess dresses and makeup. They have a boutique here where you can bring you girl and have her receive a royal princess makeover. They get a dress, sparkly updo's and make up to the nines... its adorable. Someday when Rowan is older I'd love to do that with her.

The Magic Kingdom as I said was pretty cool, but it wasn't really made for Rowan's age. We didn't stay very long because we were all exhausted. We checked out the castle and the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor show. (one of ro's fave movies)

Then we walked around the perimeter of the park and headed home for swimming and pizza!