Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall memories

Today Alana came over to play with Rowan. They're the same age pretty much, and are also in the same class at school.

Rowan had been napping on the couch when Alana got her, but promptly woke up as soon as she heard Alana's voice.

I figured I have two 2 year old's under my command so lets go outside and play. I've had my eye on this beautiful flaming orange tree outside my door... and the last 2 days the leaves have started to fall off of it. Today there were enough to make into a huge pile... so that's what we did.

The smell of the leaves reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in Northern NH which is very rural. My town was very small and quaint with 100 year old homes and small white pealing churches dotting the main roads. My road was the "center" of town, and it was lined with huge old maple trees that would turn every color of the fall rainbow in the autumn. Leaving many many spots for us to pile up leaves and play. I love that smell... the smell of dead leaves... and earth. I love the memories it brings back to me... and I love that I am creating those memories for Rowan.