Thursday, October 30, 2008

(Sham) Wow

Ok so has anyone heard of those Shamwow rags? Well Barney saw the informercial and immediatly wanted one. He's big into those silly "new" inventions and usually as soon as he sees them he immediatly wants one.

So, I had gone to the fair a few weeks back and since it was the last day of the fair, everything for sale in the vendor building goes on super clearance.

They had crocs for 20 bucks, Little Giants half off... oh and Shamwows 2 for 20 bucks. Usually one for 20.

So I off course indulged and bought my silly hubby two shamwow bundles. He was super excited when I brought them home and he has since started using them for everything, including drying dishes and mopping up messess from Rowan.

Now I won't say that they don't sop up a good amount of liquid, because they do. Have they made a huge impact on my overall well being and happiness? No.

Also can I note that Shamwows are nothing more than pieices of Chamois fabric. Uhhh yeah I can buy that at the local fabric store lol

And here is the final kicker... when we rolled out our Shamwows there is a big printed stamp across the fabric. MADE IN WEST GERMANY

Now for those of you that are Non history buffs... West Germany was disolved in 1990. So not only are people paying 20 dollars for a roll of Chamois they can buy at the local Walmart, but they're paying 20 dollars for a roll of fabric 18 flippin years old.

are you kidding me??? "SHAM" wow is right.


*~*Lis*~* said...

wait, what - he does the dishes too!!! WTF!!!