Thursday, October 23, 2008

A first for me

So yesterday, I read an entire book, front to cover, for the first time in my life, all in one day. I was engrossed, I couldn't put it down. Not even to spend time with my beautiful little red headed daughter when she got home from school.

Thankfully she was in a quite mood and spent a good portion of the night nuzzled into my side watching Monster's Inc while I devoured page after page.

Now what amazing book could do this to me?? Well, let me start with a little history first.

I am an avid Anne Rice fan. I've read almost every book she's ever written. My favorite stories being the Vampire Chronicles and the Witch Chronicles which consumed the early half of my 20's. I read them all numerous times. And I am most certainly in love with the Vampire Lestat. Oh how I swoon for him when I read his books. And I'm not sure if you've ever read them, but they are written as if by him. He admits to writing the novels almost under the guise of Anne. So a little part of me, and yes I'm not ashamed to admit this, sort of believes that Lestat is real.... that he exists. And what if he does??? oh the beautiful possibilities.

The best part of these two series of books, is that towards the end Anne began to intertwine the two plots. And before you know it, the two series became one.... and it was Divine.

The last book ends with Rowan Mayfair (the witch) and Lestat the Vampire standing on the edge of falling in love.... swoon..... (yes, that's who Rowan is named after...)

And then the unthinkable happened... Anne Rice found Christ. I hate saying it that way, because quite frankly her two novels about Jesus Christ are amazing. They've taken Jesus and put him into a story that is easy to read and quite frankly I've fallen in love with Him by reading her books. It comes at a perfect time for me, because I too have recently found Christ in my life and have struggled for the last couple of years with the change in my beliefs and trying to get to know God better if you will. Her two books have made that struggle so much easier for me, and I'm so thankful for it.

However..... WHAT THE FUCK IS GONNA HAPPEN WITH ROWAN AND LESTAT!!!!! You can't write a story for years on end and then just decide not to finish it!!! Do you know how devastatingly cruel that is??? I'm dying over here..... I make up stories in my head to satiate the need to know what happens next.... and I pray that she decides to continue with the story.... her readers NEED it!!!

Ok so enough about my obsession with Anne Rice, moving on now. To my delight a few days ago, I came across a book review on a blog I've recently started reading. Thank you for recommending Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The blogger mentions that she read the first two books in the series twice while on vacation and then scoured a tropical location for the next two books in English to no avail. It intrigued me.... it more so intrigued me when I read that the books were about...nothing other than Vampires.

Now she had my attention. Could it be possible that another author could intrigue me as much as Anne? And yes.... yes she did! It was amazing! and now not only am I in love with Lestat... But Ohhhhh the deviness that is Edward Cullen.... (it takes a while to get past his first name, its so not sexy, but as a woman married to a Barney, I think I adjusted faster than most.)

I was up last night until 11:30... (I'm usually asleep by 9, i know its pathetic) determined to finish the book.... and I did..

then I went to sleep...secretly dreaming and wishing my husband was pale skinned cold vampire intoxicated by my smell...... delicious.