Monday, October 6, 2008

SeaWorld Follow up

Ok so I finally have enough energy to finish my post. The Seaworld trip rocked! We had such an amazing time. I can't decide between Seaworld and Animal Kingdom. Both were so great.

The Shamu Show however at Seaworld was probably my favorite part. Seeing the whales and all thier tricks was super cool. I watched a show about Shamu shortly before leaving for Florida and seeing it in person was even better.

We sat out of the splash zone, but once Shamu came out, he was so huge compared to all the other dolphins that he easily splashed us with his ginormous tale. We all got a face full of water, and I knew as soon as it hit us that Rowan was going to flip out. And she did! I turned her around and she was screaming. She got salt water in her eyes which I'm sure hurt a bit, and she hates being wet. She wanted to change her clothes immediately but she dried off quickly in the 85 degree weather so we didn't have too.

After being splashed she yelled out... BAD WHALE!!! NO SPLASHING!!!! I cracked up.

Rowan's second favorite part of Seaworld was the Manatee exhibit. She fell in love with them. We spent quite a bit of time there watching them slowly drift around in the water. She told me that they were all "sad". I think she took their slow gracefulness as being gloomy haha. Grammy bought her a stuffed Manatee which she carried around with her for the rest of weekend. Unfortunately we lost is somewhere along the plane trip home. I'm still searching for one I can buy cheap online to replace him.

Anyhow that was the rest of our trip. We had an awesome time, and so did Rowan. It does feel good to be home though... we were all pooped!