Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rowan's 2008 School Picture

I was a bit worried that Rowan would do one of her rediculous funny face smiles... because that's all she ever does for me. However she did pretty good... and I think it came out pretty darn cute!

Here she is at 2 1/2


*~*Lis*~* said...

Very cute!! :)

Monica LeMoine said...

OMG, I TOTALLY remember those school pictures. They've really improved over the years. Thanks for not giving your daughter a bowl cut like the one I had. She'll thank you for it later.

Anabelle said...

I know.. its funny.. it looks exactly like the ones I had done when I was a kid.. minus the 80's feathered hair do of course.

I suppose teased up bangs are better than a bowl cut... you poor poor girl lol

No bowls over here! Rowan's hair is almost down to her butt... and it's gonna stay there!