Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Christmas Shopping and Bj's

So today I went to Bj's and bought a huge package of chicken, and a 3 item pack of kielbasa... as well as a super sized box of cheez its, fruit chews for Rowan, cheerios, Raman, and some other random items. I spent 90 dollars but I think this food will last me months. :)

Now on to more fun topics. I've already started buying Christmas presents for my pumpkin.. I really can't help myself.

Here is the stash thus far:







*~*Lis*~* said...

told you bj's was the way to go!!!

i stocked up on the MLP's - we're in potty training mode and the new saying around the house is "a pony for a poopy!" :)

ann said...

HAHAHA nice! that works out lol

we did M&M's.... she called them yum yums haha

Katrina said...

My Little Pony?!?! Awesome! Are they still scented?

Anabelle said...

yes they are still scented! You know what else I found and almost bought... a Popple! but I didn't.. lol maybe I will later down the road haha