Friday, June 20, 2008

Potty Trained!

Well its been a week and a half and Rowan I beleive is potty trained! Two Wednesdays ago she came home, told my hubby "potty" and peed. She peed a couple of more times that night and has been wearing big girl undies ever since! I'm so proud, and sooo releived!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Rowan loves my bras.. she finds it quite amusing that I wear them, and even more amusing that I have boobs at all. The other morning I was brushing my teeth and she walked out of my bedroom wearing one of my bras... I almost spit toothpaste all over the mirror I laughed so hard.

Yeah I want some cheesy poofs..

Rowan loves cheese doodles.. nuf said.

Aunty Menefa

My sister is noctorious for falling asleep every where she goes. She came for a visit over the weekend and offered to take Rowan up for her nap.. a half hour later she hadn't returned.. hmmmmm

Notice how similar they look when they wake up haha

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Words

As I've mentioned.. Rowan's verbal skills have gone crazy lately.. she's picking up new words every day. Today she said.. Barbie.. and handed me her Barbie doll... as well as "Nonnie" which is what we call my mother in law (grandmother in Italian).

She also brought me a plastic Cookie Monster figurine and pretending to be stuffing cookies into her mouth while growling like cookie monster.. she's so funny!

Oh pooo poooooo!

Last night was one of the worst nights I've ever had with Rowan. She had been trying to poop all afternoon with no luck. She gets bound up often. I think its because she eats a lot of dairy and on top of that, she goes through streaks where she doesn't really drink enough. I don't know if she just feels to busy to stop and drink or what.. but she'll go a few days drinking very little fluids.

Anyhow, we put her down to bed at 6:30 and she woke up at 9 screaming in pain. I had to take her downstairs and hold her on the couch so she could sleep sitting up. I tried many time to put her back in her bed only to have he come back into my room a few minutes later crying and trying to push out her poo poo.

After hours of this, Barney finally got dressed and headed over to the 24 hour Walgreens at 2 am to buy a toddler enema. Let me tell you! That thing did the trick. Not even a minute after giving it to her, she "moved" her weight in poop! Even her stomach looked smaller... After we got her diaper changed she completed collapsed and slept very deeply until 7 am... when I groggily got up and went to work on 4 hours of sleep.
Barney stayed home with her. She was exhausted as was he... and since he works with electricity all day its not really safe for him to work when he's that tired.

She pooped another 3 times during the day, so apparently whatever was stuck in there has worked its way out. But man.... what a night! blah!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oldy but a goody

This is from a few months ago.. but its a classic and everytime I watch I laugh!

Words words words

Rowan's vocabulary has really been blossoming lately. She's picking up new words left and right. Half the time I'm totally boggled by what comes out of her mouth because I just don't expect to hear those words. I have no idea where she learns them unless she's picking them from her new classmates.

Yesterday when I got home from work, it started to rain. Barney and Rowan were just coming in from being outside. She was pretty bummed that she couldnt' stay outside and play. She followed me into the kitchen whining.. and begging to go back "ah side". I told her no.. because it was raining.. she looked right at me.. and said... "Noooo mama.... sunny!"


Check out this video! We hung out with my sister in law and my nephew Toby this past weekend. He calls Barney Unk Baaahneee... and of course Rowan figured it out! lol Barney is a bit sad that she keeps calling him this, but I think its hysterical!

Beach Bum

With the hot weather, Rowan has had the chance to try out the kiddy pool again. It took me a while to convince her to put her bathing suit on, as she most definitely prefers to be naked.. suprise suprise. She has a cute little bikini that I picked up at the Gap and another adorable Elmo suit from her Aunty Jen. To me there is nothing cuter than a little kid in a bathing suit.. they're shaped to funny! And they have no modesty what so ever. I wish I could be that comfortable in my own skin!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Apple apple Ryryry

A few weeks ago Rowan started to sing a new song... the "apple apple Ryryry" song. Apple is a new word for her, and Ryry is what we call my friend Ryan. I was quite confused about why she had taken those two words and turned them into a song...

Then a few nights ago I was putting her down to bed. I started singing her bed time song.. "Twinkle Twinkle". I got to the line "up above the sky so high" and that's when she chimed in emphatically singing, "apple apple ryryry". That's when I realized she was trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle but didn't know the right words. She's so smart!

This is a video of her singing a part of it.