Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mmmmm cheese

Rowan has been wanting my soda (soder) lately. I drink diet sprite, so its not sugary or caffienated... hence I give her small amounts in a cup from time to time. Last night she wanted some "soder" which I gave to her... she brought her little cup to the table and I plunked down on the couch to watch TV. A few minutes later she decided it would be fun to mix some milk from her sippy cup into the cup of sprite... we tried vainly to convince her that it was gross but two year old's have thier own ideas about what does and does not taste good.

After a while... she was sipping away at her concoction.. and she turned to Barney and said.. "mmmmmmmmmm cheese!!!"

Ahhh yeah.. note to other parents... sprite + milk = instantly curdled cheese type product floating in bubbly substance... disgusting! She thought it was yummy though.