Friday, August 22, 2008

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire

The Portsmouth Children's museum reopened its doors at the end of July in Dover under the new name The Children's Museum of New Hampshire. Of course we were there the first weekend. The musuem is where I have had both of Rowan's birthday parties and its holds a very special place in my heart. I also went there as a child and I have many fond memories of the Yellow submarine.

That being said, you can only imagine how heart broken I was to find that the new museum has a very tiny replica of a submarine and it does not have slides or anything fun. I was so upset in fact that I emailed the museum to express my disappointment.

I reiceived a response stating that the yellow submarine, although fun, was unsafe, resulting in many injuries and it also fostered a feeling among the children that running and jumping were ok behaviors through outt he rest of the museum.

Whatever!! Its a flippin Children's museum! Ahh well, i'm obviously not going to win that battle so i've said my goodbyes to the submarine within my heart and i've shed a few tears.

Moving on, the new museum is quite nice. It has many of the same exhibits with a few very neat new ones. My only complaint (aside from the obvious) is that its very open and airy which means that it gets uncontrolably noisey. The old museum was seperated out into rooms so the noise didn't carry quite as far.

I've been back 3 more times since, and I will no doubt have Rowan's birthday party there again this spring.