Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tractors, apples and husses

Today Barney woke up and announced he wanted "to take Rowan somewhere." haha So he called his sister and it just so happens she was on her way out to head over to Demeritt Hill Farm.

I LOVE Demeritt Hill. Barney and I used to live in an apartment a few miles away, so we would go the farm often and walk through the orchards and all through the woods on the walking trails. It's a very romantic place for us, and I can't tell you how many times we walked hand in hand as I day dreamed about the day we'd have a little toddling child running ahead of us.

It goes without saying that being able to take Rowan there now is very very special to both of us... there are so many amazing memories there, and now we can add even more.

Rowan of course loves the farm also. They have pet goats she could visit and we even took a walk up to the new pole barn to check out the riding arena and the stables. Rowan was afraid of the horses up close but enjoyed looking at them from a bit of a distance. After looking at all the horses we walked down the farm store and hitched a ride on the Hay Wagon pulled by a tractor... Rowan's favorite! She knows where every tractor is going to be on all the roads we drive on a regular basis... she's obsessed with them.

The tractor pulled the wagon all through the wooded trails and then out onto the orchard where we hopped off and "stole" a few apples for a snack....

It was a bit sad, because in July apparently they'd had a really bad hale storm which severly damaged thier entire crop. The apples still tasted good though, and were being sold for half price.

We headed out around nap time of course, and as we drove away Rowan yelled... Bye Tractor... Bye apples.... Bye husses!!!!!!