Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Funny things toddlers say

Rowan is constantly saying funny things.. as most toddlers do. I thought it'd be fun to do a post all about her funny things...

1. Last night Rowan was on the deck blowing bubbles as Daddy grilled up his chicken wings. I walked past the deck door, and watched her. She turned around to see me.... made a straight brow scowl... and sternly said "MAMA... SIT CHAIR... NOW!!!"
And then she laughed uncontrollably.. as did I... Barney told her not to talk to mama like that... and all I could think was... why not?? I talk to her like that hahahaha

2. This morning while driving to work I was talking to my close girlfriend Ryan about how my ex husband was polish and had a rather large penis.. (doesn't everyone talk about that stuff?) From the back of the car I here Rowan's little child voice chime in..."Penis". awesome....

3. While driving by a group of kids the other day that were waiting for the school bus at the end of our cul-de-sac, Rowan yelled out "MY HOUSE!!!! BAD KIDS". Apparently they are not allowed to live there too.

4. My sister in law recently had a baby girl... she's about 1 month old right now and her name is Molly. Rowan is obsessed with baby Molly and loves to hold her. Whenever someone else walks by and tries to ask if they can hold Molly... or have a turn... Rowan yells.. "MY MOLLY!!!"

5. Speaking of Molly.... my sister in law breastfeeds.. Rowan is very interested right now in boobies. She likes to check out mama's... daddy's, and her own. She puts my bras on etc etc. Last night we were laying in my bed after her bath giving daddy alone time downstairs... because he's studying for his electrical licensing exam. She was naked of course, which is how she prefers to be every night after bath time, and before bed. I was rubbing her belly... and then I started poking her ribs. I said.. "Rowan, do you know what these hard things are?" Thinking I could give her a little lesson on bones...I try often to find learning opportunities in all that we do. She jumps right in without hesitation. "my boobies mama."

6. Further on the breastfeeding subject, Rowan loves to watch Aunty Shawna breastfeed. Which means I had to explain to her where milk comes from and how baby Molly eats. NO biggy.. she gets it.
While pretending to play Rowan's baby at home the other day (a common game for us)... Rowan got me a blanky and a pillow... rubbed my back.. told me to shhhhhhh and sang me a song. Then she said "milk mama??" I usually say yes and she'll bring me her sippy cup. This time however she said.. "booby" and lifted up her shirt. Ugggh.. lol

7. A few weeks ago we went to a local apple orchard. Rowan got to check out the horses which at the time, she was very afraid of and we could only look from afar. The other day on the way home from school, Rowan started to recount our visit to the farm. She said "Shawna??? horses?" Meaning, can we go see the horses with Shawna again? and I said.. yes, do you like the horses Rowan??? I thought you were afraid of them." and she retorted "no mama... No afaid.. horses nice... soft, I pet... I like it!"


8. I love to ask rowan to say Chalk... because she has a hard time with the CH sound so it comes out like C and she also can't say the L sound right now.. so it just gets skipped... can you figure out what word she says?? And can you imagine what it must have been like for me the first time she asked to play with chalk? and how long it took me to figure out what she really wanted?

That's all I can think of for now... although it seems everyday there is something funny coming out of her mouth.



*~*Lis*~* said...

so sweet! It's amazing how smart they are.

as usual you've given me an awesome idea to steal! Be on the look out for my own issue of "Toddler Talk" coming soon! :)