Sunday, September 21, 2008

A conversation between daddy and Rowan

Setting the Scene: Rowan is in the bathroom, door locked, singing Twinkle Twinkle... she is pooping.

Door opens slowly, and she stands with pants around her ankles with a small grin and a look of guilt (normal I just went poo look)

Barney asks, "are you done?"

Rowan "Yup"

Barney walks to her, and peeks into the tiny potty on the floor... "Whoa!!! That's disgusting. You got the scoots?"

Rowan... "Scoots???"

Barney "yeah, the scoots like daddy... daddy's tummy is sour too.".

Rowan to mama.. "MAMA!!! I GOT THE SCOOTS!!!!"

Thank you honey.. i'm sure she'll be telling her teacher tomorrow at school that she has the scoots..... oy.


Monica LeMoine said...

what're the scoots? my brain isn't working right now - sorry. will try reading this post again once I've had more coffee. ;-)

ann said...

the scoots is loose poop lol

it might be something that my hubby made up hahahaha

or maybe its a new england thing

*~*Lis*~* said...

nope - it's got to be a Barney thing 'cuz I've never heard of it either!

Monica LeMoine said...

oh - ok I get it now.

ann said...

well at least no one will know what she's talking about! haha phew!