Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rochester Fair

Today I kept Rowan home from school (her first skip!) and we headed over to the Rochester Fair. Its funny, I've lived in Rochester for 3 years now, and I also lived her for a year once with my ex husband, and never have I been to the Rochester Fair. Instead I drive an hour away to the Topsfield Fair. In all fairness, the Topsfield Fair is way better than Rochester, but you can't beat something that's only 2 minutes down the road! Plus it was only 9 bucks, and Rowan was free. Sweet!

We had a ton of fun. Rowan loves animals... at first she was afraid of them all. But after my sister in law and mother in law headed home, and way after her nap time, she was tired enough to let go of the fear and really check them all out. She particulary enjoyed the cows and also watching a sheep get its hoofs clipped. (she's odd, what can I say?)

I just put her down for the night, early at 6:30 because she didnt' have a nap at all day and boy was she cranky about it.

We also watched the Ox pulling. Rowan was very upset at all the men for hitting the ox's with thier switches to get them running. She hasn't stopped talking about the man hitting the cow all day. I think if she could have gotten out into the ring, she'd have given those men a good talking too!

Other than that, we had some shaved ice and of course fried dough.. Ahh I love fairs!