Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Shit face I didn't see that coming.....

Thank you Monster's Inc. for your sincere efforts in teaching kids that Monsters are nice. Because tonight, after putting my tiny 2 1/2 year old to bed, I had to run back up stairs to crying. Upon opening the door, a whispering shaking toddler took my hand, and dragged me to her bed... she crouched down, bringing me with her... and whispered in gently in my ear..."Monsteee under my bed mama."

Yeah... um... holy shit, I was totally not prepared for that moment. I hadn't contemplated what so ever what I should do or how I should approach it. Should I go on to explain that monsters are nice, like Elmo.... and Sully? Or should I tell her that monsters are fake? pretend??? Should I offer up to have daddy kill it??

Not thinking properly as I was really quite taken by surprise, I called up Super Hero Daddy, who, like a trusty night riding in on his steed.... stormed the room with a tiny fake pink plastic broom... and slayed the Monsteee to save his princess Rowan.

After the bumping around, grunts and slams were over, she was sufficiently satisfied enough to re-enter the room and go back to bed.... "daddy kill the monstee mama??" "yes rowan... monster is dead now"

I then talked to her while tucking her in... and decided to throw out all my approaches... Monsters are nice rowan... like Elmo..... and they're pretend... But that one is dead... so time for night night.. Love you.. see you in the morning.

phew... Maybe I should start formulating my sex talk now??? Or my heaven talk, since I did just tell her the monster was dead.. tomorrow she'll probably want to know what that is.... crap


*~*Lis*~* said...

Calliou introduced monsters to Lorelei - I fucking hate Calliou!!! I got her over it by telling her that our dogs would never let a monster in our house - worked like a charm!

Oh and on the death thing - I almost stumbled on it once when she asked to go in a cemetery while out for a walk. I started to tell her what was in there and then started talking about the bird we heard chirp instead. I'm a chicken shit about serious subjects and serious words for that matter. I still giggle when I say vagina :)

By the way - I'm drunk! HAHAHA