Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing God

Ok so this morning on the way home from dropping Rowan off at school I was listening to the radio. The Dj's were discussing a news story about a group of scientists in Sweden that are going to colide some atoms or something and recreate the big bang. Does anyone else feel like this is a bit freaken nuts?

Going to far maybe??? somethings are better left to God.... things we shouldn't screw around with.

Oh and another scientist was referenced as stating that if things go wrong, they could create a black hole that would eat the earth.... rock on... I pray for these scientists to have a change of heart... Lord help us!


Monica LeMoine said...

Yes, playing god makes me afraid. On the fertility/baby-making front, that's a whole huge can of worms. Here's an example: our doc has told us if we ever get preggers with a boy, there's a 50% chance he'll get the same heart defect in utero that got our son Zachary. It's a genetic thing that only affects boys. I lost another boy too, 4 month miscarrage. So, do I play with god and do the sperm spinning thing and try to make a girl the scientific way? I keep saying no. freaks me out.

Ann said...

That is a tough choice. Playing God a bit... yes.... but if it means having a child that lives, no defects... well worth it.

My friend's daughter Lily (the same friend that pounded on my door) was born with a heart defect. At 18 months old, I went with her and her mom for the open heart surgery in Boston to close the major hole she had between her two chambers and also fix a cleft in one of her valves.

I was there when Ryan handed off drug induced Lily to a bunch of doctors.. and wondered if she'd ever see her child again.

It was horrifying... to watch a kid go through that... to see her after with all those tubes... certainly something I would never want to go through as a mother. Something i'm sure you are unfairly and far too familiar with yourself.

If science gave me the ability to avoid that.. I'd do it. But only because it'd be my kid, and when it comes to my kid, i'd do just about anything. The love you have for your child comes from God... perhaps that's the only reason I feel I could justify it.

On the other hand, perhaps fate would be kind, and you'd concieve a girl naturally the next time around. I guess it all depends on your ability or inability to trust fate and what it has in store for you.

I'm not much of a betting person myself.

*~*Lis*~* said...

I heard this yesterday morning on the news and am wondering who in the world is funding something that has even a chance of ending the world - what the heck!

and for Monica - after we had our DD my DH figured since we were going to have to do IVF anyway to have another baby we might as well add in PGD and pick out the boys to transfer the next time around to be sure we'd have a boy. I said no way! But we of course were not in a situation like you. You seem set against it already, but I assure you NO ONE would judge you for making the decision to try to have a girl. At least not Ann and I!