Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to the Fair

We headed over the Rochester Fair again tonight, and this time Daddy came along. They have a circus that starts at 5pm and we wanted to bring Rowan. At first she was terrified because it was very loud but once the show started, she was amazed. She loves live shows... we've been to plays and other types of venues and she'll sit through the entire show mouth agape.

The best part of the entire night was that Rowan wanted to Ride the ponies!!! She's been afraid of horses ever since she saw one.. albeit still obsessed with them from afar. She loves watching horse pulls... (we watched some tonight too) and she loves seeing horses at farms etc. But she's never been brave enough to touch one or ride one. Tonight she BEGGED to go on a ride. I reluctantly gave the guy my 4 bucks thinking I'd sit her on the dang pony and she'd be freaked out and then beg to get off. But alas, she stayed on and she LOVED it! She even picked out her favorite pony to ride, a white one with brownish spots. After the ride was over, she patted the ponies head and said, "thank you horsie".

I tried to get a good pick but it was hard because I was holding on to her for safety and she was clinging to me haha.

On our way out, she also got to ride the merry go round with daddy.. she was afraid to get on the plastic horse herself (go figure) so daddy climbed on with her.. he's such a good daddy :)