Sunday, September 28, 2008

"I want to see horsies mama"

Today Rowan woke and announced she wanted to see Horsies. Ever since the pony ride last weekend at the fair that is all she has talked about.

So we took her down to UNH. Barney actually works for UNH as an electrician so he knew right where the horse barns were.

As luck would have it, it happened to be UNH horse team qualifying trials.. aka... a horse show! There were tons of people there doing a XC race as well as jumps etc.

Rowan was in 7th heaven! We took her through the barns so show her all the different horses and also watched the jumping trials.

Barney is hesitant about her liking horses. He feels they are useless and all you can do is ride them around. HAHAHA, yeah so what do you do with a race car that's any different??? hmmmm hypocrite much? haha

Anyhow, I grew up around horses as a dear friend of mine rode. I traveled with her often to the different shows she competed in and I helped out around her farm for most of my life. I loved it and I regret not learning how to ride better and having it become a true hobby. Ahhh well.. never to old right?

So I would love for Rowan to really get into horses.... there are plenty of riding schools in the area and I think its a great learning experience and a wholesome hobby for a child. So here's hoping, all though quite honestly, I think she's already hooked haha we're in trouble!