Friday, September 26, 2008

That's Amore!

When I was in my early 20's I managed a small yet very successful and busy pizza place on a college campus. It was some crazy hella fun times... and now, I toss a mean pizza as you can very well imagine.

We used to get takeout from the greek pizza place around the corner but with the price of gas and respectfully cheese its gotten obsurdley expensive.

So now, I buy some whole wheat dough every friday while grocery shopping and I make my own pizza. I have a pizza pan that I actually took home from the pizza place I managed. We'd just bought all new pans when I was there and were throwing the old ones away. So I snagged one.

Anyhow, my mad skills are still there and damn it if I'm not totally impressed with myself hahahaha


Monica LeMoine said...


ann said...

i know right... i've been laid off from work.. if I was brave i'd just open up my own pizza joint.. although the economy isn't really doing well enough to be thinking of going into self employment lol

*~*Lis*~* said...

very tasty looking! maybe i'll drag the kids over someday - they all love pizza! :)