Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sally 1, Sally 2, and Sally 3

We've got a lot of ticks up here in the north country.... in fact the other night I went to check on my sleeping angel and found a tick on her temple... Arghhhh! We're constantly finding them on us and it drives me nuts, I hate those stupid ugly bugs!

So as a way to keep the tick population down without spraying chemicals all over the place, we opted for the green route and bought ourselves some cute little Guinea Hens!

They're a free ranging, territorial type of hen that stays close to home, roosts in the trees, and eats nothing but bugs and mostly TICKS!!!

Of course right now they're only 2 weeks old, but as soon as thier feathers come in, we'll be letting them loose to commit some tick murder!

Unfortunatly right now, they're big chickens.... oh wait......

(ps. Rowan named them Sally 1, Sally 2, Sally 3)