Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer... hello, are you there? Are you listening? Good, Where the F%$& IS THE SUN????

I'm so so very sick of the clouds and the rain! Honestly, I think its making everyone depressed. I try to bring Rowan outside as much as possible between rain sprinkles.... just to get the fresh air into our lungs.

On the bright side, the rain as been super fantabulous for my garden...

We also recently moved the baby keets outside.. in thier new coop and they're doing fantastic... They've begun to test out thier wings and make short little flights around thier outdoor pen.

Miss Rowan is still enjoying having a big yard and her grandparents around.... now if we could just get some sun so we could clean out and try out the pool!


A New England Life said...

Rowan has the cutest little face! Such great photos of her!

Guess what? The F%$#ing sun is in and out down here on the seacoast this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried when it came out, seriously. My husband thought something was wrong. LOL!

Anabelle said...

HAHAHAHAHHA oh my... we've had a couple sunny days now, thank goodness.. I was about to go mad!

ps sorry for not responding to comments right away, the email address I used for notifications was turned off after we moved.