Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're on vacation mama

Monday morning I asked Rowan if she'd liked to go outside and play.. she said "no mama.. I stay inside.. watch movie.. I on vacation."

It was quite hysterical. Today its warm out, and we'll be going outside in a bit so Rowan can ride her tricycle. But this mornign we did a little project that she had picked out. I remember doing these with my mom as a kid.. so it meant alot to me.. and the smell of it in the oven brought back alot of memories. I hope she thinks of me someday when she does this with her own children. :)


Kar said...

How cute! Rowan has the most beautiful red hair. Isn't it fun how she likes to make things at such a young age. My girls love to craft and we all have a ball with whatever we end up doing. Have fun on your "vacation". Too Funny!

Anabelle said...

haha thank you! Her hair even boggles me.. I'd kill for hair like her lol

She does love making things.. she's very artsy.. probably takes after me :)

Thank you! its warmer today (in the 40's) so we're off for a tricycle ride!