Saturday, February 14, 2009

All we need is Love....

Hubs unfortunatly is gone most of today. In the wake of the recent ice storms, he has spent every waking moment doing generator hook ups for the people he knows. Gotta love being married to an electrician.

Anyhoodle.. its just me and the tatortot this morning. She woke up very loving today too, which I found a bit ironic. She climbed into my bed around 6 am... turned the TV and let me sleep until 8am. God bless her!

On occasion she'd role over to me, and whisper in my ear... I love you mama.... I love you.

And then go back to her cartoons. It was a blissful, warm cozy half sleep.... and the sunshine was pouring through the windows and onto my face. I love you to my little Rowan.

Downstairs I had a little love note waiting for me... And I let Rowan open her bag full of Valentine gifts.. We just finished eating chocolate and pez for breakfest.

Perfection :)