Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh the drama

So, this morning Miss Rowan informs me that her toes hurt after I put on her sneakers. So I bend down with her and sure enough, her toes are jammed into the end of her shoe. Her feet have grown....

Rowan is very particular about her shoes. She's not open to new shoes often. It took me weeks to get her to wear these sneakers and get her out of the crocs she lived in during the summer. It was only whent he snow flew that she gave the crocs up entirely.

So I knew this day was going to be rough. I sent the poor kid to school in the small shoes, with no other options. And headed right for the store after dropping her off to pick out some new sneaks.

I of course was shopping by price, so I selected a cute little pair of New Balance pink and white sneakers for her. They had velcro instead of string which I thought was super duper for me.

She got home, all excited, begging me for her new shoes, because I had told her I'd get them for her in the morning.

I took them out of the box and she liked them... until I put them on. Then she flipped. Now mind you, she flips with all new shoes. There is always crying, pouting and drama invovled in the transition.

After about 30 minutes she was still crying and telling me that certain areas hurt.

I gave up, and caved. I'm sure the shoes were fine, but they weren't like the Nike's she had.. they were different, and it just wasn't going to work.

So off to the store we headed.... We strode over to the shoe section where I showed her the different options. She selected three pairs to try on. A pair exactly like her old ones, another pair of Nikes in silver and pink and a pair of Sketchers.

Unfortunatly they did not have the white ones in her size, so she tried on the other two.

As soon as she got those little pink Nike's on her feet you could see she was happy. She ran all around the shoe department "trying them out" as she yelled. Yup, they were a winner. So that's what we bought.

Few... I'm glad that's over.

ps.. thought I'd update with a pic of her in the new shoes :)


Katrina said...

She's hilarious! I have to admit though-- I'm a sucker for the kid's Nike's as well. They're so adorable!!

Anabelle said...

they are hella cute.. but so were the little pair of New Balance! lol

ahh well... she won.

what else is new? lol