Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bullet point thoughts

. Headed to the doc to get Rowan a flu shot. The local news 2 nights ago did a special about how the flu is running rampant in the state this year... ugh.. i'm so NOT looking foward to this. She's gonna be super pissed at me.

. Last night Rowan stayed up late (gotta love vacation)... and then when hubs and I went up to bed she insisted on climbing in with us. She stayed very quiet so hubs could sleep.. but she stayed awake with me while I read. The two of us lay cuddled up together whispering back and forth beneath the bluish milky light of my book light.
She kept telling me how she loved me and how she was playing with her babies, while I kept saying.. shhhhh Daddy is sleeping.

. I just started reading Ishmael. Which my sister gave to me 2 Christmas's ago. She insisted it was one of the best books she'd ever read and therefore bought one for everyone in the family. I must admit, so far its pretty darn good. It challenges the way you chose to exist in the world. I read half of it last night. And will most likely finish it tonight. I highly suggest reading it.