Thursday, February 12, 2009


I think Selma is awesome. I know many have expressed disgust that she'd breastfeed another woman's baby... but I ask why not?

A wet nurse was a woman that the aristocracy of old employeed to nanny and breastfeed thier children in the days when breastfeeding was viewed as dirty.

Many woman donate thier milk to hospitals for preemies and babies in need.

The baby was hungry.... I think she did an amazing thing.

If your willing to drink the milk out of a cows teet.... why can't another baby drink another woman's milk? I'm sure it's far healthier and probably much cleaner.

Kudos to her!


*~*Lis*~* said...

Really there's been backlash to this? I've read nothing but praise - as it should be! What is wrong with people that they think this is a bad thing? If she gave the mother money to buy formula she'd be a hero.

Disgusting world we live in sometimes.

alison said...

I love the idea. When we took our breastfeeding class last week, everything Medela prints out is all against sharing their pumps and blah blah blah. Even though they explicitly state that the milk doesn't enter the motor itself. But the more I thought about it - I went down the same path you did, there are breast milk banks, and milk isn't sterile when it comes out of you, so why would we expect total sterile-ness (sterility?) with the pumps. Obviously I want the pump to be clean, but I think it's totally asinine for them to void the warranty if it's shared.

Anyway, sorry for the tangent, I just wanted to share that I totally agree with you and have been pondering the very same thing, albeit with a slightly different topic. ;o)